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Fabric painting has so many uses and applications. The combinations of paint type and fabric material are seemingly endless.

The techniques can be used to create an amazing variety of unique clothing, gifts, household items, and decorations. Read more to find out how to learn this useful and enjoyable skill online!

Best Fabric Painting Courses Online

1. Learn Fabric Painting Techniques: The Basics (Best Overall)

What we liked: This 30-minute course teaches the most important techniques for fabric painting. Students will learn how to make a unique project and the skills to create many other pieces of fabric art.


  • Students will learn from start to finish how to create beautiful painted fabric.
  • Learn quickly and efficiently with this 30-minute long course.
  • Learn finishing techniques, such as using metallic paint for accents, and using heat to set the design.
  • Fun and engaging teacher with clear and practical lessons.


  • The course is mostly aimed at beginners, so more experienced students may desire a more advanced course.

2. Fabric Painting: Sketch, Paint, and Embroidery on any Fabric (Best for Beginners)

What we liked: This is a great course for beginners because it covers a wide range of fundamentals, including how to paint on any type of fabric.


  • Students learn techniques for painting on just about any type of fabric. This includes natural fabrics such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acrylic, spandex, and polyester.
  • Step-by-step instruction from beginning to finished product.
  • The course also includes using embroidery as an embellishment for your fabric painting.
  • Learn efficiently with only 38 minutes of video time.
  • The teacher is interesting and provides clear and well-organized lessons.


  • Although the techniques can be applied to any design, the final project of painting vegetables might not appeal to everybody.

3. Art on Denim: Painting Cherry Blossoms (Best for Intermediate)

What we liked: This is a great course if you’re already comfortable with the basics and are looking for a new challenge. We love that it teaches how to upcycle clothing into wearable art.


  • Help the environment and your wardrobe at the same time by learning how to upcycle denim clothing into elegant wearable art.
  • Students can use any type of denim clothing, including jeans, a jacket, skirt, or shorts.
  • Students learn how to create beautiful cherry blossom designs.
  • The course is well-organized with clear and helpful instruction.
  • It is very efficient, with only 54 minutes of video time.
  • It is great for intermediate-level students, however, it is approachable for beginners and interesting enough for advanced students, as well.


  • A few more examples or variations would make this course even better.

4. Realistic Thread Painting – Embroider a Butterfly (Best for Advanced)

What we liked: If you have mastered everything else about fabric painting, here is one more skill to take you to the next level.


  • Students will learn how to create mesmerizingly realistic art on fabric with thread.
  • This includes using different stitches and utilizing color blending techniques.
  • One and a half hours of video is very reasonable for this much detailed information.


  • Although many fabric painters have used embroidery to add accents to fabric painting, not all have. It is helpful to have some embroidery experience before beginning this course.

5. Silk, Cotton Painting Without Steaming: Indonesian Batik Art (Best for Batik Fabric Painting)

What we liked: This course allows even beginners to create beautiful Batik art. We like that it gives a brief history of this art form, as well.


  • Learn how to make elegant and sophisticated batik on either silk or cotton fabric.
  • Students learn how to create a product that looks beautiful and professional in the one of the easiest ways possible.
  • The course is clear enough for beginners, yet has so many important tips that even intermediate and above will benefit.
  • Earn a certificate of completion and revisit the course anytime.


  • The course is a bit time-consuming, with 2 hours and 40 minutes of video.

6. Learn Fabric Painting – Flower Painting and Clock (Best for a Unique Gift)

What we liked: A hand-painted fabric clock is a surprisingly delightful addition to your or a loved one’s home.


  • Students will learn how to create a splendidly pleasing and useful creation for themselves or as a gift.
  • The individual techniques learned can be applied to other projects, as well.
  • This course is perfect for intermediate-level fabric painters, but would also be enjoyable for confident beginners and even some advanced students.
  • The instruction is clear and well-organized.


  • It might be nice if a few more design examples were provided.

7. Wool Painting a Little Lamb, a 2D Needle Felting (Best for Wool Painting)

What we liked: Wool painting creates an amazingly unique, soft and delicate-looking art project.


  • Learn how to create special, one-of-a-kind gifts or works of art.
  • This course even teaches you how to make your own canvas from wool.
  • Exceptionally well-taught and interesting class.
  • It is organized and efficient, with only 42 minutes of video time.


  • It would be wonderful to see this approach applied to other designs. You can look for this teacher’s other courses for that, though!

8. Block Printing on Fabric: Ice Cream Cone Tote Bag (Best for Block Fabric Painting)

What we liked: This is a fun technique which teaches you how to carve your own stamp that you can use again and again!


  • The course teaches you the entire process step-by-step, from choosing the tools, carving the stamp correctly for your design, and of course, printing.
  • This technique allows you to reproduce your design many more times because the stamp you create is reusable.
  • There is a lot of information packed into only 39 minutes of video time.
  • The course is clear, practical, and fun!


  • Some additional design examples for the stamp creation would be a nice addition.

9. How to make EASY – Tie Dye Tote Bags (Best for Tie-Dye Craft)

What we liked: Tie dying tote bags is a fun way to decorate an item that you can use all the time.


  • The instructor uses products that are both non-toxic and wash-resistant.
  • A variety of artistic styles and techniques are demonstrated.
  • The procedure is very easy, even for beginners.
  • The fun course is only 41 minutes long.


  • It would be great to see the technique done on other products, as well, in addition to tote bags.

10. Watercolor Fabric Swatches (Best for Watercolor on Fabric)

What we liked: Painting watercolors on fabric creates so many possibilities. It could be the beginning of a new fashion print, clothing or decoration, or part of a multimedia art project.


  • Learn a variety of design techniques, all using watercolor on fabric.
  • Students even learn the history of many different designs and patterns.
  • Fun teacher with practical and well-organized lessons.
  • The course is interesting and doable for a variety of levels, from beginner to advanced students.
  • The course only takes about an hour.
  • The techniques learned in this class can be applied to a wide variety of creative projects.


  • It might be helpful to see the designs on larger projects in addition to the swatches.

11. How to Paint with Fiber-Reactive Dyes (Best for Fiber-Reactive Dyes)

What we liked: This is an awesome and very colorfast fabric-painting technique.


  • This class will teach you how to use the dye, as well as the chemistry behind the technique.
  • The course is fun and well-organized.
  • Use this approach to make an incredible variety of colorfast and beautiful projects, including tea towels, decorated canvas shoes, tote bags, denim clothing, and other fabric clothing and items.
  • The course is only 22 minutes long, though you will spend additional time working on your project.


  • This course does focus more on how to use this type of dye, so there is not as much focus on specific artistic skills.

Fabric Painting Courses – Best Online Options

The assortment of paint, fabric, and project combinations for fabric painting are limited only by your imagination and knowledge. This collection of the best online courses for fabric painting will provide abundant inspiration and technical expertise for your fabric painting endeavors.

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