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Report Highlights

  • The Patreon program has been beneficial as more than 195,000 content creators have at least one patron supporting them.
  • The platform has seen exponential growth over the last few years – the number of creators grew by 40% in 2021.
  • More than half of the six million patrons Patreon hosts on its website have joined within the last three years. It, at present, sees over 6 million active supporters each month.
  • Videos have the highest number of content creators and are the most-watched content on Patreon. As you would expect, they also have the highest monthly revenue at $5.8 million.

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Creator Statistics

patreon creators

  • There are over 200,000 creatives on Patreon, with 195000 of them having at least one patron.
  • The top content creator is True Obsessed Crime, with over 42,000 patrons.
  • Chapo Trap House follows in second place with 38,000 supporters, and DarkCookie is third with just under 26,000.
  • Only 0.3% of creators on Patreon receive financial support from over 2,000 patrons.
  • Among the non-adult content, Crafts and DIY is the most unpopular category, with under 0.3% of all creatives found category.
  • Creatives earned an approximated $23.2 million in June this year, in comparison to $18.5 million at the same time last year, translating to a 26% increase in revenue.
  • About 23% of the Patreon pages contain adult content, representing over 50,000 creatives. Another 5.5% portion of creatives on the platform deliver written content.
  • Content creators who deliver video content bring in the highest revenue at an approximated $6 million. Podcast creatives come in second highest in revenue generated at just more than half, $3.5 million.
  • Games come in third in monthly revenue at $1.75 million, adult games follow at $1.6 million, music at $1.2 million, and writing at $1 million. The rest of the categories bring in less than $1 million each month.
  • The total number of users on Patreon has been steadily rising over the last few years. In 2017, there were 2 million supporters on the platform, a figure which grew to 3 million then 4 million in 2018, and 2019 respectively.
Year Number of Creators
Feb 2016 25300
Feb 2017 50500
Feb 2018 98400
Feb 2019 135000
Feb 2020 13800
Feb 2021 195000

Revenue and Finance Statistics

  • Patreon has raised $411.5 million since it was launched just over eight years.
  • Patreon’s valuation rose to $4 billion following the recent fundraising round conducted in April this year. The figure represents a 233% upsurge over the previous round.
  • The April funding round was led by Tiger Global Management, and Patreon raised $155 million. It was preceded by a previous one conducted in September 2020, where a $90 million sum was raised, driving the company’s then valuation at $1.2 billion.
  • Patreon makes money by charging a fee of between 5% and 12% on the earnings that content creators on the platform receive, translating to an average of 8.5%.
  • The yearly amount of financial support creators on the platform receive exceeds $1 billion, a figure which took six years to realize.
  • More than 60% of the money raised by Patreon has come from the last two funding rounds; Series E and Series F.
  • The median salary received by employees at Patreon is $135,000.
  • The creator’s annual earnings have been exponentially rising over the past 4 years. In 2017, creators received $150 million – a figure that surged to $300 million in the next year.
  • The amount received in 2020 doubled the $500 million reached in 2019 to cross the $1 billion mark.
  • Comparing February 2021 and February 2020, there was a 68% increase in the monthly revenue generated by creators.
  • Patreon’s income grew from a projected $15 million in 2017 to 30 million in 2018, 55 million in 2019, and $ 80 million in 2020. These figures are estimated based on an approximate that Patreon takes an 8% cut from its content creators.
  • The total amount raised by the company so far has been spread as a $2.1 million seed, followed by a $15.3 raise in Series A, $29.1 million, $59.4 million, $60 million, $90 million, and $155 million in Series B, Series C, Series D, Series E, Series F respectively.
  • In comparison to June 2020, the pledges by the patrons have shot up 33%.

Diversity at Patreon

  • In 2018, Patreon committed to establish & achieve new goals to help achieve diversity within the company.
  • As of 2017, 37.6% of the employees at Patreon were White, 26.7% were of Asian descent, and 7.9% were Black, while Hispanics contributed to 26.7% of the human capital.
  • In 2018, 59% of employees at Patreon were White, 15% were Asian, 11% were of mixed race, 7% were Hispanic, and 5% were Black.
  • Specific teams recorded a similar disparity in gender balance. Operations teams had 58% White personnel, 15% Asians, 10% mixed race, 8% Hispanics, and 8% Blacks.
  • Technical teams had 60% White personnel, 15% Asians, 12% mixed race, 7% Hispanics, and 3% Blacks. Team managers for operations teams and technical teams also had a significant number of White people, 75% and 55%, respectively.
  • Of the managers in operations teams, 13% were Black, while both Hispanic and mixed-race persons had 6% representation.
  • Under technical teams’ leadership, 18% were Hispanic, while Blacks accounted for 9% while mixed-race persons had 9% representation.
  • In 2019, Patreon reported that it had 12% of its senior leadership roles in the hands of Black descent in comparison to the tech space average of 3% for huge companies.
  • Patreon also reported that the number of people of color in technical teams had grown by 3%, with Asians in Patreon’s technical teams increasing from 15% to 23%.
  • Female representation among employees in the executive team also grew to 43% following new hires. The executive team was initially a male-only setup.
  • As far as promotions are concerned, 32% of the promotions went to the employees of color, and gender minority groups contributed to 65% of the promoted employees.
  • Overall, the company increased female employees by 6% to achieve gender parity.

Patreon Staff Salaries

  • The company has 200 employees who are under full-time employment in their four offices. Three of the said offices are located in the US, and the fourth is in Ireland.
  • The average estimated amount earned by staff at Patreon is $144,380, which translates to $69 per hour.
  • The median salary is $151,900, which comes to about $73 per hour when broken down.
  • A senior developer who earns $289,000 at Patreon is the highest-paid employee, while a customer service rep earning $57,000 is the lowest paid. More than 50% of the employees at Patreon earn over $151,000.
  • The variation of average salaries in the departments shows the products department has an average salary of $133,500, the engineering department slightly higher at $187,445, the marketing department with $189,700. The design department nets about $39,600, the operations department $101,100, and the administration department 79,200.
  • Other departments in Patreon earn as follows: the business development department 109,800, the finance department 86,900, the customer support department $73,500, the human resource department $109,250, the IT department $106,700, and the sales department at the top – $280,000.

Content Preferences by the Creators

  • 6 of the top 10 creators on the Patreon platform produce podcasts.
  • Video content is the most popular, as it is associated with just over a quarter (26%) of the creators.
  • Podcasts come in second place, with 7.8% of the creator base.
  • 5% of the creators make music content, while 6.7% are invested in delivering gaming content.

The Overall Effect of COVID-19 on Patreon

  • In the first weeks of March 2020, Patreon saw a 30,000 increase in the number of creators signing up to the platform.
  • By the end of March, there were over 50,000 new creators on the platform.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic also saw patrons increase the amounts they were giving to their favorite creators to support them during this challenging period. March 2020 saw a 60% jump in the average income raised by creators.

Patreon Web Traffic Statistics

  • In May this year, Patreon had 5,499,065 million users with organic traffic attempts, while paid users were 124,424. The organic traffic numbers rose to 5,611,378, while the paid traffic numbers climbed to 189,651 the following month.
  • Most of the traffic seen by Patreon was via desktop at 63%, while mobile devices contributed to the rest 37%.
  • In May 2021, there were a total of 103,570,865 devices assoiated with the traffic, with 64,649,006 being desktops and 38,921,859 being mobile devices.
  • In the following month of June, there was a rise in total devices, which translated into new numbers of 66,556,182 desktops and 38,745,404 mobile devices.
  • In June, the US has 56.8 million devices contributing to the traffic, the UK had 5 million, Germany 2.9 million, Brazil 2.3 million, and 3.8 million devices were linked to Canada.

Patreon Facts

Patreon is a creative space that was created in 2013 by entrepreneur-cum-artist Jack Conte and Sam Yan. The platform targets content creators by helping them monetize their content. Patreon’s content variety is not limited to any specific content with art, videos, music, and even written content allowed on the platform.

What Patreon has done can be best explained as providing content creators with a platform having financial tools through which they can receive financial support. Think of it as a space that allows fans to contribute to the artists’ work. The latter make one-time payments or regular payments, becoming patrons as a result.

Patreon has a website and can also be accessed through an application available on Google Play Store and Apple Play for the respective devices.


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