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Voice acting is an exciting and growing career opportunity with many options, including working from home or from a studio. Professional voice actors contribute to so many facets of our lives.

Maybe you want to open your own voice acting business and provide voice overs for other clients?

Voice acting is applied to audio books, animation voices, video games, and even voicemail and hold messages. Now, people interested in developing the skills needed to succeed in this expanding field can learn from the comfort of their own home.

If private coaching sessions are too expensive for you, then take a look at the following voice acting classes online.

Best Voice Acting Classes Online

1. Introduction to the Voice-Over Industry from a Voice America Recognizes (Best Overall)

voice acting classes online

What we liked: This is an exciting introduction to the entire voice-over industry. It is perfect for beginners, but also so richly informative that it would benefit intermediate and advanced students, as well. Get lifetime access now.


  • A wealth of knowledge from a major industry insider.
  • Clear, helpful, and interesting instruction.
  • Learn career-building skills such as voicing commercials, narrations, and promotions.
  • Longtime professional voice-over actor, Mike Elmer, will even personally critique your reading if you would like.


  • A couple of lessons seem to end early. It’s not clear whether anything might be missing, though a wealth of information remains!

2. Learning Voice Acting/Voice Impressions for Beginners (Best for Beginners)

What we liked: This is the perfect first voice acting course for beginners.


  • The course is efficient, with only 37 minutes of video.
  • This is a great introduction and first course.
  • Positive and realistic hands-on learning taught by professional voice actor, MJ Christensen.


  • Some of the sound effects within the course itself are a little unpleasant.
  • A few more examples would be even better.

3. Voice-Over for Video and Animation (Best for Intermediate)

What we liked: This course develops the voice-over actor to the next level, so that they can meet the expectations of a professional voice acting environment. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for personal development or you’re interested in becoming a working voice actor. Follow this course at your own pace.


  • Learn voice-over techniques, as well as professional conduct in a recording studio.
  • Students will also learn how to achieve a professional sound while recording from home
  • Learn techniques to improve demo reels and line reading.
  • It also teaches practical voice-over business skills such as invoicing and delivering and backing up files.
  • Earn a shareable LinkedIn Learning certificate of completion.


  • This is an excellent intermediate course, but is not meant to be a standalone class. You’ll most likely need to take other classes to further develop your voice acting skills.

4. Nancy Cartwright Teaches Voice Acting (Best for Advanced)

What we liked: Learn from voice actor legend, Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, Chuckie (from Rugrats), and many more famous characters!


  • This is truly a master class, learning from one of the best and most successful voice actors.
  • Learn how to express a range of emotions and incorporate imagination while keeping the character’s voice consistent.
  • Develop and refine your skills and techniques.
  • Learn how to advance your career in voice acting.
  • Very fun and engaging course.


  • There is a lot of information. Plan to spend at least 2 hours and 43 minutes on the videos, plus time to practice.

5. Accents and Voice Impressions – From Beginner to Pro (Best for Accents and Impressions)

What we liked: This class has a treasure trove of lessons packed into only a little over an hour. He truly takes you step-by-step to master many different accents and impressions.


  • Almost 40 bite-sized lessons covering every detail that you would want to know to master accents and impressions.
  • Fun and engaging teacher. Enjoy his impressions as you learn!
  • Beyond the basics, he teaches many advanced techniques, and also things to be careful of so that you can continually improve.
  • In addition to your voice, the class teaches body language and facial expressions to complete your impressions.


  • The instructor really packs as much as possible into these fun and efficient lessons. We cannot find anything wrong, but if you do, the instructor is open to suggestions and questions.

6. Voice-Over Acting – Instruction in Commercials Animation & More (Best for Commercial Acting)

What we liked: This course gives highly practical and insightful advice. It is perfect for students who would like to advance their career in voice acting for commercials or animation.


  • Teaches how to make professional-quality recordings using just your smartphone.
  • Provides extensive tips on improving your voice over acting.
  • The course even offers inspiration and life coaching specifically for voice over actors.
  • It is geared toward helping voice actors actually get agents and more jobs.
  • Earn a certificate of completion and rewatch the course anytime.


  • Imparting this much information takes time. The videos are 4.5 hours, plus you will need time to practice and review.

7. Voice Acting & Character Voices for Video Games & Animations (Best for Gaming and Animation)

What we liked: Learn from a team of eight successful voice-over actors techniques of the trade in this expanding sector of the voice-over field.


  • The tips provided in this course are approachable for complete beginners, as well as experienced voice actors transitioning to this niche.
  • Learn from a team of 8 voice actors who are experienced and successful in this specialty.
  • This course provides a rich and thorough set of knowledge unique to gaming and animation.
  • It focuses on real-world advice, such as obtaining regularly-paying jobs and performing well under pressure.
  • Earn a certificate of completion and rewatch the videos anytime.


  • Plan to set aside at least 6.5 hours to watch the videos, as well as time to practice.

8. Complete Voice Training Program for a Confident and Powerful Voice (Best for Developing a Confident Voice)

What we liked: For the many people who would like to improve their voice overall, this course has the practical advice they need.


  • Learn from a Broadway award-winning professional voice coach.
  • Students will learn the same skills he teaches his Broadway and other actors.
  • Great for voice-over actors as well as other professionals who simply want to improve their voice and speaking confidence.
  • The class is fun and engaging with clear and practical lessons.


  • This course is very focused on improving your voice and confidence in speaking. It does not cover other areas of voice-over acting.

9. Introduction to Public Speaking (Best for Public Speaking)

What we liked: This course was developed by the University of Washington and goes in-depth to teach students how to speak publicly in a variety of settings.


  • This course takes students through a full, university-level curriculum for public speaking.
  • Learn classic public speaking and speech-making.
  • Practice timing, projection, vocal variety, and other techniques.


  • This is currently an audit-only course, so there is no certificate of completion.
  • It is time consuming. It is on an instructor-led schedule of an estimated 3-5 hours per week for 10 weeks.

10. Voice over Masterclass – The Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting (Best for Voice-Over Career Development)

What we liked: Practical advice for developing your voice acting career.


  • The class is a wealth of knowledge for just about everything an aspiring voice actor needs to know.
  • The course explains step-by-step how to make voice acting a successful career.
  • Includes information on hardware and room setup, the recording and editing processes.
  • It also includes voice coaching and how to make a perfect audition and recording.
  • There is so much valuable information packed into only 45 minutes of video.
  • The instructor is pleasantly positive and motivating.


  • The course is directed at beginners, though intermediate students may benefit as well. Advanced students may not be as interested.

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Voice Acting Classes – Best Online Options

Whether you are interested in improving or starting your career in the wide field of voice acting, there are many wonderful options for online courses. The courses listed above have been selected to focus on the most useful and advantageous skills, taught in the most engaging way possible.

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