How to Read Books Faster?

Have you ever felt like you have many things to read but not enough time? Imagine being able to read quickly – it would be like having a superpower. You can learn this skill relatively easily. Did you know that only 79% of US adults are literate? Whether you’re a student with too many books … Read moreHow to Read Books Faster?

37+ Woke Examples 2023

Everywhere you look, you’re bound to come across examples of wokeness. This trend, often linked to increased social and political awareness, has overtaken the media. According to NPR, ‘Woke’ is even used in political campaigns now. But what does being ‘woke’ really mean? And where do we see it manifested in today’s society? How does … Read more37+ Woke Examples 2023

Blinkist Review 2023 – Is This Book Summary App Worth It?

Have you ever wondered whether Blinkist is the right app for you? In this in-depth Blinkist review, we’ll dig deeper into its features, pros, and cons. With everyone’s busy schedule, it can be challenging to find time for reading. That’s a shame because according to recent data, the US literacy rate is only 79% and … Read moreBlinkist Review 2023 – Is This Book Summary App Worth It?

33+ Growing Edtech Startups and Companies

Edtech companies are changing how we learn. They use tech like mobile apps and online platforms to make learning better and more fun. Companies like Guild Education help you learn job skills, while DreamBox makes math easier for school kids.  GoStudent connects students with tutors through video chats, and Course Hero offers online study guides … Read more33+ Growing Edtech Startups and Companies

Medical Schools in New York

You’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor for years. Now, med school applications are coming due, and you have no idea where to apply. I understand the stress of deciding where to apply to school. While I haven’t gone through the med school application process, I have done so with grad school, in general. To … Read moreMedical Schools in New York

Colleges With Rolling Admissions

Applying to college is exciting, but it can also be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. And if you get too distracted, you could miss vital deadlines. But that’s where colleges with rolling admissions come in. I admire how you can apply as early or late as you want and still have a … Read moreColleges With Rolling Admissions