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If you like listening to audiobooks but never have much time, compare Blinkist vs. getAbstract.

Blinkist vs. getAbstract

Both platforms are similar, but their differences may help you choose the one for you.

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Overview of Blinkist vs. getAbstract

Blinkist and getAbstract both offer book summary apps, but the audio format allows you to listen to the summary. If you enjoy audiobooks but are short on time, a summary can be useful.

However, you should consider the similarities and differences between these two platforms. That way, you can determine which one is better for you.


Blinkist offers clear audio summaries that are easy to understand. You’ll also get a written summary if you don’t like listening or if you want to refer back to something specific. When you subscribe, you’ll get unlimited access to the summaries.

book selection

However, that does mean you give up the summaries if you cancel. If you don’t need to refer back to the summaries, though, this isn’t a huge issue.

With getAbstract, you can listen to or read book summaries for thousands of books. The summaries include an analysis, so you can learn more about the material. This service focuses mainly on nonfiction books.

Sadly, you need to get the Pro subscription for unlimited access. The Starter plan limits your account to 5,000 summaries, which is still a lot.


You can use Blinkist to listen to summaries on iPhone and Android devices. The service also allows you to export files to the Kindle and to use Evernote. It even works with your Amazon Alexa smart speaker.


If you go with getAbstract, you can access the summaries on your iPhone or Android. The program works on PCs as well. However, you can’t use it with a smart speaker or other operating systems.

Who It’s For

Blinkist is ideal for individuals thanks to its more affordable plans. You can listen to more than 4,500 audio summaries or read the text of the summary.

Meanwhile, getAbstract is better suited for businesses. The pricing tiers are more expensive, but the program also comes with over 20,000 summaries to listen to.

Customer Service

No matter which platform you select, you should consider your options for customer support in case you have questions. With Blinkist, you can get assistance through email, which is great if you can’t sit on the phone.

getAbstract also offers email support, but you can call them if you prefer. Along with general customer service, the tool integrates with learning management systems (LMS) for employees to track what they learn.

Businesses can curate learning channels based on the things they want employees to learn. You can also set up a brand portal for your employees to use to access the content. While Blinkist also works for teams, there aren’t as many features.

You can also compare Blinkist to Audible or Headway.


Blinkist offers a free plan where you can listen to one summary per day. The platform will select that summary, but you can find books you never knew about.

You can also upgrade to Blinkist Plus for about 50 Euros per year to get access to over 2,000 summaries. The tier also lets you listen to summaries offline. And if you have about 80 Euros per year, you can get Blinkist Premium to enjoy even more features.

blinkist price

getAbstract is more expensive, no matter which plan you choose. The Starter plan costs $99 dollars for a year. If you want the Pro plan, it will cost you $299 per year. However, you can pay $29.90 per month.

Both platforms offer custom pricing for enterprise use. If you own a business, you can contact either company to discuss a custom quote based on your needs. Then, you and your team can access as much content as you want.

How to Sign Up

If either of the platforms sound good to you, give them a try. You’ll need to sign up for an account to take full advantage of the features.


To join Blinkist, you’ll need to head to their website. You can start a free trial which will last for a week and give you access to over 5,000 nonfiction book summaries.

It will then ask you about your goals, age, and listening routine. You can select the topics that interest you and give your opinion on a few books. Then, you can create an account with your email or your Google or Facebook account.

Blinkist uses your quiz answers to select some books for you to listen to. You can find more in your account and start using the free trial.


With getAbstract, you’ll also head to their website. Click on Try It for Free near the top right-hand corner. Then, you can select if the plan will be for you or your company.

If you just try it for yourself, you’ll get a three-day free trial. Otherwise, you’ll need to request a demo to see how everything works. The nice thing about the free trial is you don’t have to give a credit card.

No matter which route you take, follow all of the prompts on your screen. Then, you can start testing the platform.

Pros and Cons of Blinkist

If you’re still unsure about using Blinkist, consider some of the pros:

  • Unlimited access with a subscription
  • Affordable pricing
  • Works with multiple platforms
  • Thousands of summaries
  • Summaries are well done

Unfortunately, there are some cons as well, such as:

  • No lifetime access to books
  • No phone support
  • Not the best for enterprise use

Why Use Blinkist

If you want to access audio summaries, Blinkist is fantastic. Consider the following reasons to give this platform a try.

Great Selection

First, Blinkist offers an amazing selection of audiobooks and summaries. All of the books are of good quality, so you don’t have to worry about reading something poorly written.

Even though the library is small, it’s selective. That can make it easy to allow the algorithm to do its work and choose titles for you.

If you struggle to pick a book to read or listen to, you may enjoy Blinkist.

Summary Guaranteed

Blinkist may not have as many books as some competitors, but every book it does have comes with a summary. If you’re busy, you can listen to the summary to learn the basic points of the book.

Then, you can decide if you want to dedicate more time to reading the entire thing. It’s an excellent tool to use when you want to start reading more but also to save time.

Excellent Value

Another reason to use Blinkist is that it’s very affordable. The tool even offers a free plan where you can explore one new audio summary per day.

If you enjoy using the free version, you can upgrade for 50 to 80 Euros per year. That’s pretty affordable for most people. Plus, you’ll get even more books and features than the free version provides.

Pros and Cons of getAbstract

Before you sign up for a getAbstract account, consider a few of the pros:

  • Massive library of summaries
  • Book analysis
  • Useful for teams
  • Unlimited access
  • Easy to use

Of course, you also want to think about the cons:

  • Doesn’t work with smart speakers
  • Minimal compatible operating systems
  • No lifetime access to the books

Why Use getAbstract

If you find Blinkist doesn’t meet your needs, consider if getAbstract is better. Everyone’s different, so you should compare the platforms as much as possible.

Think about the following advantages of using getAbstract over Blinkist.

Large Library

getAbstract has over four times as many titles as Blinkist. Sure, it will take time to go through the thousands of audiobooks from either service. But if you’re looking for something to use long-term, getAbstract is better.

You’ll never run out of content to listen to. The larger library also means there are more options, so you can find something no matter what interests you.

Of course, you should look at the library for both tools to see which has the titles you want. But on just volume alone, getAbstract is the winner.

Summaries and Analyses

Not only will you get summaries of audiobooks, but you can also listen to analyses. That can help you understand the meaning of the books without listening to them in full.

Of course, the summaries are also helpful even if you don’t need to listen to the analysis of a book. However, it helps to have access to more details.

You can learn more about what you’re listening to. Plus, you can pay extra attention to the full book and better understand it if you decide to read the entire thing.

Ideal for Teams

If you want your employees to listen to more audiobooks, getAbstract is great. You can set up an enterprise account. Then, you can curate the content that you provide to your employees so that they can learn what you want them to learn.

You can also integrate the tool with an LMS. Doing that means you can keep track of the progress your employees are making.

Plus, you can add new content as you wish so that your employees can always learn something new.

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