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Report Highlights:

  • OpenAI was used by 21.1 million users monthly in 2022.
  • ChatGPT was released in November 2022, and in two months it already reached 100 million users.
  • Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAi in 2023.
  • Companies with over 10,000 employees make up the largest group of OpenAI users.
  • The platform was valued at $20 billion in 2022.
  • People in 156 countries have access to the OpenAI platform.
  • OpenAI is used most by businesses in the technical, education, and business services industries.
  • More than 30 million developers actively use DALL-E.
  • Over twice as many men as women use OpenAI.
  • The platform can create strings of emojis from movie titles.
  • All OpenAI needs to generate a recipe is a list of ingredients.
  • The entire AI industry is expected to reach $500 billion in global revenue in 2023.

openai statistics

OpenAI and ChatGPT Users

OpenAI has grown significantly in popularity in recent months and years. Some of its fastest growth occurred near the end of 2022.

  • OpenAI received its highest number of users in a month in October 2022 with 21.1 million.
  • OpenAI traffic dropped by 2.8 million views from October to November 2022.
  • Just two months after getting 21.1 million views, OpenAI got 304 million views in a month.
  • Only 0.01% of OpenAI users come through paid marketing measures.
  • The other 99.99% of users were acquired organically.
  • Those statistics mean that about 3.04 million monthly users come from ads and other paid sources.
  • Almost four-fifths (79%, specifically) of OpenAI traffic comes from search results.
  • Another 3.09% of OpenAI’s website traffic comes from social media.
  • YouTube is the biggest source of social media traffic, accounting for 46.55%.
  • Another 18.39% of social media traffic comes from Twitter.
  • Mail and display ads only account for about 0.02% of the traffic to OpenAI.
  • The typical user spends about four minutes and 45 seconds on the platform.
  • Users visit over 6 pages on average each time they use OpenAI.
  • As of February 2023, the OpenAI website has a bounce rate of just 27.05%.
  • Over 30 million developers use the tool DALL-E and its training algorithm model.
  • ChatGPT reached 100 million users in only two months after launch.

OpenAI Demographics

The platform receives visitors from all over the world and of all ages and genders. However, some groups use the tool much more often than other groups.

  • Only 30.41% of OpenAI users are women.
  • Men make up the remaining 69.59% of people using the platform.
  • Over one-third (34.6%) of OpenAI users are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Adults from 18 to 24 years old make up an additional 28.86% of users.
  • That means more than half of all OpenAI users (63.46%) are 34 years old or younger.
  • Only 3.56% of people who’ve used OpenAI are 65 years or older.
  • People aged 35 to 54 make up over a quarter of users, specifically 27.24%.
  • The remaining 5.74% of OpenAI users are 55 to 64 years old.
  • Just under one-fifth of OpenAI users (19.69%) are from the US.
  • India comes in second place but with only 37% of all OpenAI users.

OpenAI Business Use

Businesses of all sizes and across industries have taken to OpenAI. Whether you have a small business or work for a massive corporation, you can use the platform in some way.

  • Nine US states are home to companies that have started using OpenAI.
  • In California, about 167 companies are starting to accommodate OpenAI.
  • New York comes in second place, with 54 companies using the platform.
  • Twenty-seven companies based in Texas use OpenAI in their processes.
  • OpenAI is now being used by 22 companies with offices in Illinois.
  • Virginia rounds out the top five, being home to 20 companies using OpenAI.
  • The other states that have companies using the platform include: Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina.
  • In the technical industry, over 250 companies have begun using OpenAI.
  • Education is the industry with the second-highest number of adopters, at 209 companies.
  • The third-place spot goes to the business services industry, with only 98 companies adopting OpenAI.
  • About 214 companies with more than 10,000 employees use OpenAI.
  • The second largest group is companies with 1,000 to 5,000 employees, with 139 companies adopting the platform.
  • Only 45 companies with between 500 and 999 employees have used OpenAI.
  • That’s smaller than the number of companies with fewer than 10 employees using the platform: 63.
  • Companies with over $1 billion in revenue are the largest group, with 282 companies using OpenAI.
  • In second place is companies with between $1 million and $10 million in revenue: 205.
  • When it comes to smaller businesses, about 56 companies with less than $1 million in revenue have started using OpenAI.

OpenAI Use Worldwide

While OpenAI isn’t available everywhere, it is in a lot of places. It’s important to note where it’s most popular.

  • OpenAI is only open to users in 156 countries, leaving about 40 countries without access.
  • Notable countries where OpenAI isn’t available include Russia, China, Ukraine, and Iran.
  • Some other countries without access to the platform are Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Belarus.
  • The top five countries that use OpenAI include the US, India, France, Spain, and the UK.
  • Combined, these countries only account for 39.96% of all OpenAI visits.
  • The remaining 151 countries with access to the platform account for the other 60.04% of visits.

OpenAI Revenue

With free tools, it’s easy to wonder how OpenAI makes its money and how that will change in the future. Sure, they’ve started charging for some things, but you don’t have to pay.

  • The $20 billion valuation of OpenAI means it has about 4% market share in the AI industry, assuming the industry will reach $500 billion in 2023.
  • In 2019, OpenAI received a $1 billion investment from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft later invested an additional $10 billion in 2023.
  • OpenAI began as a non-profit before transitioning to a capped for-profit company in 2019.
  • Most of the platform’s revenue comes from partnerships and investments.
  • In 2023, OpenAI is expected to earn roughly $200 million in revenue.
  • The company’s revenue is predicted to quintuple to $1 billion by the end of 2024.

OpenAI Competitors

OpenAI is a unique tool, but it still faces competition from the rest of the AI industry and other websites in general. Consider how it’s performed compared to other websites and tools.

  • When it comes to traffic, out of all websites online, OpenAI was in 1,441st place in December 2022.
  • Elon Musk resigned from the OpenAI board in February 2018 to avoid a conflict of interest due to developments at Tesla.
  • OpenAI is the seventh most popular website in the computer electronics and technology category.
  • The entire AI industry hit $432.8 billion in 2022.
  • From 2020 to 2022, that resulted in an increase of $136.1 billion in revenue.

Other OpenAI Statistics

Some of the best statistics don’t fall into prior specific categories. But I’d still want to know a few numbers and other details.

  • OpenAI was founded in California in 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and others.
  • OpenAI’s tool ChatGPT reached 1 million users within a week of launching.
  • The average cost per use of ChatGPT is most likely less than 10 cents.
  • Running ChatGPT costs OpenAI about $100,000 per day or $3 million per month.
  • ChatGPT can only access information up to 2021, so it can’t provide you with current events or other news.


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