9 Best Optometry Schools in the US


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If you plan on becoming an optometrist, you will need to go to an optometry school to learn everything that you will need to know.

US optometry colleges

It is important to make sure that you get the right kind of education so that you can go into your career being fully prepared to do your job.

Because of that, you will want to know about the best optometry colleges located in the US that you have to choose from.

These colleges can set you up for success so that when you graduate, you have a clear career path to follow towards success. This is why many students choose to go to the most popular options in the US as they have so much to offer.

What Are the Best Optometry Colleges in the US?

If you want to become an optometrist, you will need to look into the best of optometry colleges in the US. This includes colleges like the Illinois College of Optometry and the Ohio State University College of Optometry to optometry students.

This is a very popular major for college students to go into in order to become an optometrist in the future after they graduate. This is a very profitable job and is high in demand, making it a great option for college students.

That being said, it is important to pick the best optometry college that you can find to ensure that you will get the education that you need. To find the right college for you, you can look through some of the best optometry colleges located in the US.

9. Arizona College of Optometry

The Arizona College of optometry has an exemplary track record as it has a 98% graduation rate among its students. This is practically unheard of in any colleges that are not considered to be one of the elite colleges.

This goes to show just how good this college really is and the fact that its students are able to get through all of their courses to graduate. Some of the benefits of going to this college are that students have access to faculty community facilities where they can practice what they are learning.

There are also simulations that students can use to get a better understanding of their coursework by doing hands-on work. All of these benefits help graduates to, later on, establish profitable careers in optometry.

8. Ohio State University College of Optometry

The Ohio State University College of optometry is another college that has very high rankings in the world of optometry. The college itself, as well as its faculty and students have received all kinds of awards in its progress.

This college offers cutting-edge options for students and some of the best types of learning to help prepare them for the future. It also has a 97% graduation rate, showing that its students are able to learn what they need to to get through their major.

Only 64 students are accepted into the Ohio State University college of optometry, showing just how selective this school really is. This means that getting into this university is going to be highly competitive, and only the best of the best have this opportunity.

Getting your degree from such a selective university is bound to open doors later on, in your career once you graduate.

7. Illinois College of Optometry

The Illinois college of optometry has a 94% graduation rate and offers plenty of hands-on training to better teach students. Hands-on training is something that only the best optometry colleges offer as it is the best way to teach students.

This college graduates 160 students a year, placing it on the list of very selective colleges. This means that only the best of the best will be accepted into this college and that a degree from here will greatly help you later on, in your career.

Students who attend this college will learn on a campus that is located close to the college. This creates a wonderful environment for learning where students are surrounded by support and some of the best staff.

6. Southern College of Optometry

Located in Tennessee, the Southern College of optometry is one of the oldest optometry colleges and has gained quite the reputation over the years. This campus is known for its exemplary hands-on training as it is also home to a clinic.

At this clinic, real-life patients go to get care directly from the students who are learning on the campus. This gives students hands-on training as well as training in working directly with patients, which helps to further their education.

136 students graduate from this college each year and it has a 99% graduation rate. This sets the southern college of optometry above many of the other competitors, revealing just how effective its training tactics are.

Anyone who graduates from its college is sure to have an outstanding career and plenty of opportunities open to them.

5. University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry

The University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry is the only optometry college located in Kentucky. This means that Kentucky residents stand a good chance of getting into this college when they apply as, like most colleges, it typically prioritizes locals.

This university has a 91% graduation rate and takes many steps to help its students financially when they are going through their coursework. It also has a 38% acceptance rate, which is quite generous considering it is an optometry college.

This college was only founded in 2016 but has made strides in making a difference and its community. Since being founded, this college has graduated many optometrists and its local communities, really making a difference in Kentucky.

4. UC Berkeley School of Optometry

UC Berkeley school of optometry is another high end optometry college that has continued to help the next generation of optometrists. It has a 92.54% graduation rate, which is quite exemplary considering how difficult the coursework for this college is.

Students at UC Berkeley School of optometry start working with actual patients in their first year of college. They will continue to work with these patients, working with them for a total of 2500 hours by the time they graduate.

This gives the students extensive hands-on training in this field of work, so that they graduate with extensive knowledge. This sets them up for success in their career field as they already have work experience after graduating.

3. University of Missouri at St. Louis College of Optometry

The University of Missouri at Saint Louis College of optometry has a 95.65% graduation rate for its students across-the-board. This is because this college takes careful care of each and every one of its students throughout the progress of their college education.

This careful attention helps each and every student to get through their workload to the point where they can graduate. This is why this college has such a high rate of success, when it comes to its students being able to graduate.

This is a highly sought-after optometry college, and most students will need a strong letter of recommendation as well as work experience before applying. It offers many benefits so that students are guaranteed to have a successful career once they have graduated.

2. SUNY College of Optometry

SUNY College of optometry is located in New York, New York, and is one of the most selective optometry colleges that you can find. It only has an acceptance rate of 23% and requires many things from students who are applying in order to even be considered for acceptance.

The school has a 96.84% graduation rate and has extensive funding for its research programs. This ensures that the students who do get accepted into this college are going to have an extremely thorough education in modern optometry.

Over the years, this college has been recognized as putting out some of the best optometrists that we have yet to see. Any student who graduates from this college is sure to have many opportunities due to the fact that they were accepted.

1. Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry

The Nova Southeastern University College of optometry has a lot to offer students through funding as well as some of the most advanced technology in optometry. This ensures that students who go here are going to get a well-rounded education to help them in the future.

This college has a 97.62 graduation rate, showing that it is clearly doing something right as so many students make it through the coursework. Though it is important to remember that it only has 94 students a year, making this a highly selective college to get into.

What Is the Easiest Optometry College to Get Into?

If you want to study optometry but worry about getting into a college, you may be wondering what the easiest optometry college to get into is. This is a common question as there are certain requirements that optometry colleges require of applicants.

These requirements can be very intimidating if you do not necessarily have the best application to submit. This is not uncommon as you may not have much to recommend you as a potential student just yet.

Especially when it comes to looking at the best optometry colleges in the US, you may not stand much of a chance of being accepted. This is because these colleges typically have a high number of applications and a low acceptance rate because of that.

While it doesn’t hurt to submit your application just to give yourself a shot, it also doesn’t hurt to apply to some of the easiest optometry colleges to get into. This gives you a safety net so that you have other options to turn to.

One of the easiest optometry colleges to get into is the Indiana University College of Optometry. This college has a higher acceptance rate and does not require too much for potential students to submit.

Though this college is not the only option that you have as there are many other optometry colleges that are easy to get into, such as:

  • Arizona College of Optometry
  • Southern California College of Optometry
  • Western University of Health Sciences
  • University of California

How Many Optometry Colleges Are in the US?

If you want to attend an optometry college, you may be wondering how many of these colleges are located in the US. This is a very selective career choice and because of that it is not going to have a huge number of colleges that you can attend.

Though optometry works in eyecare, it is not the typical type of eye care as it specializes in different areas. Because of this, there are going to be select colleges that offer optometry that you have to choose from.

As of right now, there are 23 optometry colleges in the US that students can look to apply to. There are also two optometry colleges located in Canada if you are willing to go to a Canada-based college.

This is not a huge amount of options when it comes to applying to colleges. This is why you need to make sure that each application counts and that you are making your application stand out as much as possible.

Many of these optometry colleges have a low acceptance rate and are high in demand, so you need to make sure you set yourself up for success.

What Optometry Colleges in the US Are the Best?

If you want to attend an optometry college in the US, you may be wondering which college is the best. You have many amazing colleges to choose from, such as Ohio State University College of Optometry, UC Berkeley school of optometry, and Arizona College of Optometry.

You have many options when it comes to finding some of the best optometry colleges that are available in the US. These are where you will receive the best education and will be able to go on and have a very successful career after graduating.

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