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If you want to become a teacher in Oregon, you may be wondering what kind of salary teachers in Oregon can expect to get. This is a popular question as salaries vary greatly by the state due to several different kinds of reasons.

Not only do salaries for teachers vary by state, but they also vary by where you live in that state and what qualifications you have. There are many different factors that go into the salary you can expect to get, so you will need to look into all these details regarding your special situation.

You will also need to take into account that different grade levels also provide different salaries. So high school teachers may not make the same amount of money that middle school teachers make and vice versa.

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These are all things that you should keep in mind when you are doing research on the salary for teachers in Oregon. Keep reading to find out what kind of salary teachers can expect to make in Oregon.

What Salary Do Oregon Teachers Get?

The average salary for a public school teacher in Oregon is $55,072 a year if they have all of the necessary qualifications. There are many different factors that go into the kind of salary that a teacher in Oregon can expect to have.

This is important for teachers to consider as different qualifications are going to set them at different salary wages. This is also going to depend on location, as smaller towns in Oregon are not going to have as large of a budget.

Generally, the best pay teachers in Oregon are going to be teachers who live in larger cities where teachers are more in demand. These cities have more schools, providing more opportunities where spots need to be filled by teachers.

They should be kept in mind as there is no set salary that teachers can expect to get. Salaries are dependent on so many factors that there is no way of estimating the salary that every teacher can expect to receive.


That being said, teaching is believed to be a well-paying job for most people in Oregon. It is not an extremely high-paying job, but it allows people to comfortably live in the middle class and receive more than the minimum wage.

This is why teaching is often a popular career choice, as teachers are often in demand, which also secures more regular job opportunities. Here are some numbers Oregon teachers can expect to make:

Oregon Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree $36,097 – $51,070
Oregon Teacher with Master’s Degree $40,136 – $63,492

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How Much Do High School Teachers Get Paid in Oregon?

High school teachers in Oregon are reported to make about $61,900 on average. This amount is going to vary according to different factors, but this was the average reported amount that teachers could expect to make when teaching high school students.

In general, teachers who teach classes for older students tend to make a little bit more in their salary. This is generally due to the fact that the higher the grade, the more education experience the teacher needs to have.

For instance, a high school teacher is going to be teaching more complicated subjects than a middle school or elementary school teacher. The job may be the same, but the material that the teacher has to know is going to be different.

Kindergarten Teachers $30,230
Elementary School Teachers $63,850
Middle School Teachers $63,390
Secondary School Teacher $66,010
High School Teacher $61,900

This is often one of the biggest factors that impact the salary of different teachers in different positions. High school teachers are required to have more educational experience, which will make their abilities much more necessary.

Is Oregon a Good State for Teachers?

If you are wondering whether or not Oregon is a good state to be a teacher in, you are not alone and asking this question. Many people who go into teaching may look into different states, wondering which state is the better place to be as a teacher.

This is something that most people struggle with as many types of jobs are affected by where you live, as the prices are different. But teachers especially seem to have this issue as their salary can vary quite drastically by location.

The good news for teachers who want to live in Oregon is that a recent study revealed that Oregon is the best place for teachers to live. This is due to several different reasons, such as:

Many people teaching in Oregon love the fact that the salaries for teachers in this state tend to be very competitive. This will vary by location, but in general, Oregon offers very competitive rates for teachers compared to the cost of living in Oregon.

Many Oregon teachers also enjoy the freedom they are given in their own classrooms as well as the fact that they have extensive job security. This is due to many teachers being needed in Oregon, so you were much less likely to lose your job.

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What Is the Highest Paying Teacher State?

Though Oregon may be the best state for teachers, it isn’t necessarily the highest-paying state. In fact, Maryland has won this title with an average salary of $61,254, which most teachers have reported making in a year.

With this amount being the average that most teachers can expect to make, this leaves a lot of room for growth and your salary. This can be very beneficial if you want to achieve a higher teacher position or have extensive education that makes you more valuable.

Overall, if you want to be able to make the best salary as a teacher, the place to do this is Maryland so that you have access to the most profitable teaching jobs.

What Kind of Salary Do Oregon Teachers Have?

On average, Oregon teachers make $55,072 A year. This is the basic salary that many teachers in Oregon can expect to make at the school that they are teaching in, depending on what position they fill.

Of course, this number is going to vary quite a lot depending on your qualifications, what classes you teach, and where you live in Oregon. There are many different things that will impact your salary that you will need to consider when applying for jobs.

One good thing to remember as well is that Oregon is one of the best states for teachers as it offers competitive salaries and job stability.

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