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If you are interested in broadening your education and learning a new language, Babbel is a great option that you may want to look into.

This is an easy and affordable way to learn a new language at your own pace.

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  • 14 Languages to choose from
  • Focus on Practical Conversations
  • 20-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A family plan can help you save money.

Though Babbel is not yet as popular as some other language learning apps, it shows great potential for growth. It is easy to use and provides an effective way to learn new languages at the speed that you need.

Keep reading to find out more about Babbel and whether or not it is the right option for you and your goals.

Babbel Family Plan

Unlike some other apps, Babbel does not have a family plan that you can subscribe to. A basic family plan would be a one-fee plan that allows multiple people to use the app under that plan.

However there is a lifetime deal available instead via StackSocial.

Other than that, Babbel offers several different plans for different amounts of time.

These are priced differently to accommodate the amount of time that your plan gives you on the app.

One great thing about Babbel is that it lets you access your account on as many devices as you like. This means that you could most likely let other people use your account as long as they knew the password and email for the account.

This way, you could use your Babbel plan like it is a family plan by sharing your account with other people. To do this, you will need to pick an email and password that you feel comfortable sharing with others.

You will also want to keep in mind that it can be a bit confusing to share a Babbel account with other people. As Babbel saves your progress and can start to become crowded if multiple people are learning different languages.

You will also not be able to learn the same language at once as you will be messing up the other person’s progress.

Because Babbel allows multiple devices, you can use Babbel on any device that you have. This could be a phone, iPad, laptop, or computer.

Babbel Alternatives


If you are looking to learn more than just languages, I recommend Skillshare. This is what you get with Skillshare:

  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • 34000 classes to choose from
  • Learn from 11.000 teachers including big names like Marques Brownlee and Ali Abdaal

If you are interested in more education apps then you can check out the Blinkist review and Headway review. Or you can compare Blinkist to Headway here.

What is Babbel?

Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app that is used for the web, iOS, and Android. It is one of the more popular language learning options and gives you the ability to learn new languages with ease.

Babbel currently offers 14 different languages that you can learn and become fluent in. This is an easy-to-use learning app that allows you to learn anytime anywhere.

babbel review

This gives you the opportunity to learn the language that you have always wanted to learn. All from the comfort of wherever you are and at any time that works for you.

You can either really try to learn a new language in record time, or you can take it slow. There are no requirements, you can learn at your own pace whenever you have the time.

Though it only has 14 languages available, as of right now, Babbel is still a great option and is available to most people. This gives you the opportunity to learn a new language at your own pace.

How Much Does Babbel Cost?

In comparison to the competition, Babbel is a very affordable option that most people could enjoy. It is not overly expensive and offers several plans that give you different prices.

This way, you can choose the option that best suits your news and your budget for learning a new language. You can also pick the plan that is best for the future, as you may not want to use the app for very long.

Some people may just want to use Babbel until they are able to speak a new language, then delete the app. While others may want to continue learning and keep the app around to help them achieve those goals.


To use Babbel, you will have to pay one of these options:

  • $13.96 for one month
  • $9.95 per month for a 3-month plan
  • $6.95 per month for a 12-month plan
  • $249 for a lifetime plan

These are great price points and allow you to choose the option that fits your needs. As you can see, the longer the plan, the better the savings, such as only having to pay $6.95 per month for a year’s plan.

You should choose the plan that is best for your budget and consider that you may want to learn more languages. You may start out planning on learning only one but change your mind and want a longer plan.

Is Babbel Good for Beginners?

Babbel prides itself on being a very beginner-friendly app for language learning. It caters mostly to beginners as well as intermediate learners.

The style of how Babbel teaches new languages is simple and basic, perfect for introducing you to how learning a new language goes.

It may not be overly sophisticated, but it gets the job done and teaches you what learning a language is like.


Even though it is not necessarily designed to make you fluent, it is very capable of doing that, especially depending on the language. It can help you to learn the basics of a language and everything else that you need to know.

Babel is also designed to be simple and straightforward, it is more serious than other language learning apps. You won’t be playing language games or anything like that, it is very focused learning.

This is great for beginners as it helps you to maintain your focus and reduces distractions. Babbel also helps you to stay on track with your progress and how much farther you have left to learn.

Overall, most beginners would find Babbel to be very user-friendly and easy to keep up with. It is not so professional that you will end up confused or get behind yourself.

You can also learn at your own pace and always go back to review what you have already learned. This helps you to not feel overwhelmed and be able to learn as clearly as you can for the best experience.

Babbel Pros and Cons

Though Babbel is generally considered to be a very useful tool when it comes to language learning, there are always going to be pros and cons. Like all language learning apps, Babbel has things that set it apart from the competition both negatively and positively.

It is a good idea to understand what these things are before going and signing up for the app and setting up a payment plan. You want to make sure that Babbel really is the right option for you.

Like anything, Babbel is going to be aimed more toward some people and less towards others. That is why you should decide based off of what you want to achieve with the app.


  • Babbel uses a unique way of learning that incorporates the use of visuals to help with memory. This is scientific and can significantly;y help those who are visual learners and need another element for better memory.
  • Babbel offers a clear overview that shows you what your progress is and the other tasks you have to complete. This can be encouraging and helps you to see what you have accomplished and what you have left.
  • The layout that Babbel uses is very easy to operate and many have complimented its visual appeal. Anyone can operate the app as it is set up with the users intent in mind.
  • Aside from many visuals to stimulate memory, everything else you will learn through Babbel is spoken out loud. This is the best way to learn a new language and helps with your accent and pronunciation.
  • You can start at various levels to help you achieve the results you are looking for. This also helps the app to teach you in the best way possible.
  • You can download the Babbel app for free and have a look around. You even get access to a free selection before you have to subscribe to get access to more within the app.
  • Babbel is a very affordable language learning app, more so than many of its competitors. This makes t perfect for those on a budget but still want to broaden their language abilities.


  • When you first start to use Babbel, you are pretty much starting out blind. The app does not tell you what is going to happen or offer an instructional tutorial. You simply have to start and learn your way around as you go.
  • Babbel’s structure can become repetitive with frequent use as it is more serious and professional. It is not as fun or as engaging as some other language learning apps.
  • Though Babbel can help you to fluently speak a new language, that is not what it is designed for. This is a simple app and is geared more towards improving your language skills and introducing you to new languages.
  • Babbel only offers 14 languages which are very minimal considering the range of languages in the world. This can be a downside if you want to learn a less common or a dead language.
  • Because of the structure of how the app works, Babbel is not recommended for those with experience speaking languages. It is not overly sophisticated and will fall short if you are looking for a heavy-duty learning app.
  • Babbel teaches you the words in a new language, but there is little focus on how you speak it or use it in a sentence. This can make it hard to use the new language in a social or real-world setting later on.

Is Babbel Worth It?

Whether or not Babble is worth it is going to depend on what you are wanting and what your goals are.

Babbel is not designed for those who have a large amount of experience speaking different languages already. It is designed simply and uses simple teaching methods that will not be able to match an expert’s abilities.

The platform is also not a good match for someone who needs to be entertained and is easily distracted. This simple teaching format can feel repetitive and requires you to stay focused on your own.

Babbel is good for some intermediate learners if they do not have too much prior experience. It is also important that they aren’t looking for in-depth teaching, as that is not something that Babbel offers.

It is designed more towards beginners and generally has the best luck with them. It is an easy and effective way at learning a language in a limited amount of time.

Anyone can quickly learn a new language within just a few visits to the app if you are dedicated and determined. Its simple teaching format condenses the information and makes it easy to learn in a short amount of time.

This is why Babbel is worth it for many who are simply looking to break into the world of new languages. It is not for the experts or for those who want to speak perfectly and fluently, but it is still a good option.

Babbel App Review

The Babbel app is very user-friendly, though it does not show you how to use it when you first download the app. It is simple enough that you can learn your way around it within a few minutes, even without any help.

You will get a clear view of the language options and be able to see these before ever having to choose a payment plan. You have access to the app before you are required to pay for it.

The app is generally well-liked as it is formatted simply and is pleasing to the eye. Its design is minimal and allows you to quickly navigate to where you want to go.

It also has an area where you can track your progress and see how far along you have come. Here you can also see how much farther you have to go as well as other details about the languages that you are learning.

Once you begin learning a language, the process is simple and can be stopped and started whenever you like. This allows you to pick up where you left off so that you can learn whenever you have the time to spare.

This makes the Babbel app ideal for anyone wanting to learn a new language with limited time. You can do it whenever and wherever you want to.

Does Babbel Work?

Babbel is a great option for learning a new language for most people, and it does generally work. Everyone is different of course, so it may work better for one person and not for another, that is just the reality.

In general, Babbel works very well for beginners and helps to introduce them to the process of learning a new language. How effective it is will often depend on your learning style and how much time you spend on the app.

Babbel teaches in a very simple way, so it is not ideal for someone who is easily bored or who lacks long-term attentiveness. It is best for those who can remain concentrated with minimal distractions, even if the information seems repetitive.

Anyone who uses Babbel must also be their own motivator to learn the new language. It will be up to them to get into the app and learn as often as they can to really commit the new language to memory.

So Babbel does work as long as the person using it is committed and knows how Babbel teaches. As long as they are committed, they will be able to learn a new language in no time at all.

How Much Does Babbel Cost to Learn Spanish?

One of the good things about Babbel is that it does not charge more or less depending on the language that you are learning. This gives you the freedom to really choose the languages that you genuinely want to learn.

Once you sign up for a payment play, you will have access to all of the languages on the app. You will not be restricted to just a few depending on the plan that you choose with Babbel.

Because of this, learning Spanish through Babbel is going to be the same amount that you would normally pay. This amount will be dependent on whether or not you are paying for the one-month, three-month, 12-month, or lifetime plan.

Whichever option you choose will tell you the amount that you are going to own each month. This amount will not be affected by the language that you choose to learn.

So you can enjoy learning Spanish at no extra cost whatsoever.

Is Babbel Free?

Downloading the Babbel app is completely free of charge and gives you the opportunity to have a look around. This can help you to figure out the layout and whether or not it is something you might be interested in.

The first lesson of every language on the app is also free, letting you get an idea of how Babel teaches and what you can expect. This is a kind of free trial that allows you to test the app out before committing.

Once you have done every first lesson of all of the languages, you will not have access to anything else. You can still look around the app, but you cannot use it to learn anything.

To actually have access to learn the next lessons of the languages, you will need to sign up for a payment plan. There are several plans you can choose from with different prices as well.

Once you sign up for a payment plan, you will have access to everything on the app, including all of the languages.

Why Does Babbel Cost Money?

Many people may wonder why Babbel even costs anything at all, especially since it is an online app. You are not buying an actual product or hiring a teacher, so it seems like it should be cheaper or be free altogether.

The reality is that it costs money to create apps like this and it often costs a lot of money. These apps are also created to turn a profit, they are rarely ever created out of generosity or because someone had a hobby.

Babbel has stated that it decided to charge its customers because it did not want to include ads on the app. Including ads would have eliminated the need for payment plans as Babbel would be paid by the ad companies.

But Babbel decided against this option as they believed that ads would be distracting and irritating to learners. It would distract from lessons and be an eyesore on the site as you are trying to do your work.

That is why Babbel decided to charge for its app.

Is Babbel Good?

Babel can be a great option for most people who are completely new to learning a new language. This is one of the best apps for beginners as it is simple, straightforward, and easy to keep up with.

I love the mobile app.

mobile app

This allows you to learn at your own pace and learn with simple forms of teaching meant to enhance your memory.

Babbel uses both audio and visual forms of teaching, helping you to better memorize words and get the most out of your lessons. Most people generally enjoy using Babbel and find that it helps them to learn new languages.

You may not necessarily become fluent, but it can help you to familiarize yourself with a new language. It can also help you to brush up on a language that you used to know or need improvement on.

What Languages Does Babbel Offer?

Babbel offers 14 different languages that you can choose to learn. Once you have started a [payment plan, you have access to all of these options.

This means that you could technically learn all 14 languages that Babbel has to offer if you have the time. These languages include:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Indonesian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • English
  • Portuguese

These are also some of the more commonly learned languages, giving you the most popular language options.

With Babbel, you can learn more languages for a much smaller price than if you subscribed to learn each language individually. This gives you more freedom to learn what you like and broaden your speaking skills.

This is also a great option if you know other languages but need to polish up on your speaking skills.

Babbel Vs Duolingo

When comparing Babbel versus Duolingo, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Duolingo offers a free version. While Babbel lets you try the first lesson of each language for free, it has no free version to use.

This already makes Duolingo a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the budget for language learning. Duolingo also offers a broader option of lessons and exercises, unlike Babbel, which can start to feel repetitive.

One thing to remember is that though Duolingo offers a free version, it is not ideal and is full of ads. Babbel does not use any ads at all in order to preserve the experience and help you to stay focused.

Babbel is also more focused on grammar than Duolingo and can help you to better understand the language that you are learning. Though repetitive, Babbel really focuses on grammar and understanding the words that you are learning.

Both options are food when it comes to pricing when compared to much more complex and expensive language learning apps. Though this can come at a price, as neither one is ideal for anyone above an intermediate level of language learning.

These are just some differences to consider.

Babbel Vs Rosetta Stone

Babbel is a cheaper alternative to Rosetta Stone, making it a more realistic option for many. Both offer many of the same things though Rosetta Stone offers more languages and better tools in general.

Other similar platforms are Coursera, Skillshare or Udemy.

Babbel is good at explaining words clearly and showcasing words in a conversational way to prepare you to actually say them in real life. Though Rosetta Stone has higher-quality audio, it is not necessarily better than Babbel.

Both can become repetitive in an effort to help you memorize what you have learned. Rosetta Stone focuses on sentences that can make it easier to learn than the dialogue that Babbel uses.

Babbel by itself is not enough to prepare you to speak your language conversationally. It lacks the experience to teach you this, and you will have to use other software to help you.

Rosetta Stone is better in this area but can become increasingly repetitive and tends to take longer to use. Rosetta Stone will not get you speaking fluently as quickly as some other alternatives.

Overall, both options are good in their own way, though Rosetta Stone is obviously the more expensive option. Babbel, though it has its shortcomings, is still preferable as it is cheaper and still teaches you the same things.


Can Babbel Make You Fluent?

It is estimated that 73% of people can speak fluently after spending 5 hours with the Babbel app. This depends on the person’s learning abilities as well as the language, but it is possible.

How Much is Babbel Monthly?

Babbel is $13.95 for one month though there are other options of plans to choose from. It can also be cheaper depending on the plan you choose and the length of the plan.

Is There a Free Version of Babbel?

There is no free trial or version of Babble, though you can download the app for free. You also have the ability to do the first lesson of every language for free, after that, you will have to pay for a Babble plan.

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