Blinkist Review 2024 – Is This Book Summary App Worth It?


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Have you ever wondered whether Blinkist is the right app for you? In this in-depth Blinkist review, we’ll dig deeper into its features, pros, and cons.


With everyone’s busy schedule, it can be challenging to find time for reading. That’s a shame because according to recent data, the US literacy rate is only 79% and according to this report, only 15 minutes are spent on reading.

That’s where Blinkist comes in.

But is the app worth your time and money? Or there is more to the convenience it offers?

blinkist review
  • Free Trial Available
  • 6500+ Books
  • iOS and Android Apps


What is Blinkist and How Does it Work?

Have you ever thought, “I want to learn from many books, but who’s got the time?”

Enter Blinkist.

Imagine a library, but instead of complete books, you get their essence. Think of it like a movie trailer but for books.

You get the main plot, the twists, and the climax, all without spending hours. Blinkist summarizes nonfiction books, giving you the core ideas in just a few minutes.

Blinkist Review 2024: Is This The Best Books Summary App?

Alright, let’s dive deep.

You’ve probably seen many reviews on the app store, but here’s an honest review of Blinkist, written and updated in 2024.

The app is straightforward to navigate.

Whether you’re searching for a free book summary or eager to explore the entire Blinkist library, the mobile app is intuitive.

But does Blinkist offer enough to justify a subscription? Here are the pros and cons for you to decide:

Pros of Using Blinkist

  • Blinkist Summaries: The core of Blinkist is its book summaries. And they nail it! Whether you want to know what the book is about without reading the complete book or need a refresher, the summary on Blinkist is concise and on point.
  • Blinkist Library: The books in the Blinkist Library are vast and varied. You’ll find a book of your choice, from the latest bestsellers to timeless classics.
  • Free Version: Yes, Blinkist is free to start. You can use the app and get a taste with one daily summary. It’s like a trial of Blinkist without any commitment.
  • Blinkist Premium Plan: If you’re all in, the Blinkist premium plan offers a buffet. Unlimited access to summaries, full books on Blinkist, and even audiobooks.

Cons of Using Blinkist

  • Not the Actual Book: While Blinkist summaries are great, they differ from the book. Some nuances and details might need to be noticed.
  • Subscription Cost: While Blinkist offers a lot, some might feel the subscription could be more pricey than other book summary apps.

Blinkist App Features

Initially established in 2012, the popular book summary service Blinkist provides more than 6500 bibliographical summaries.

books library

Blinkist houses a rich array of titles available on Android and iPhone devices.

The Blinkist app employs a unified and simple interface, making navigation through the app uncomplicated.

It has three main sections:

  • The Discover Tab
  • The Library Tab
  • and the You Tab.

The Discover Tab enables users to seek specific titles, browse various topics, and receive personalized recommendations to enhance their learning process.

Meanwhile, the Library Tab contains the user’s saved book summaries, ensuring quick access to previously reading or listened-to summaries.

Finally, the You Tab includes favorite highlights and synchronization features for a more personalized book summary experience.

The main feature of Blinkist includes both reading and listening to book summaries. Users can easily swipe through key highlights, adjust font dimensions, or switch to white-on-black mode for absolute reading convenience.

Is Blinkist Worth It?

I have never wondered how to efficiently consume and digest information from the vast sea of literature, especially when you’re pressed for time. You are not alone.


Name Books Features Review
logo 6500+ Free Daily Pick

Blinkist has been diligently transforming dense, weighty tomes into concise, elegant summaries that can be enjoyed in just 15 minutes. They’ve been doing this since 2012.

No more spending countless hours immersed in entire 350-page books!

Blinkist has optimized the learning process. Now, you can get almost everything in a fraction of the time.


But here’s the million-dollar question: is it worth your time and money? Well, the answer is a resounding YES!

Why I Think Blinkist Is Worth It

The beauty of Blinkist is its commitment to making knowledge easily consumable. The app’s user experience is a breeze thanks to its simplistic yet effective interface that comprises three primary tabs – the Discover Tab, the Library Tab, and the You Tab.

These ensure an easy-to-navigate experience, enabling you to find, save, and track your favorite reads easily.

Furthermore, the Blinkist Cost is poised at an impressive $12.99 per month (a small price for unlimited access to a vast library).

You can even snag a hefty discount if you settle for an annual plan.

Now, isn’t that a bargain?

Is Blinkist Premium Worth It?

Let’s get real. We all love free stuff.

There’s a free version of Blinkist, which lets you access one summary per day.

But what if you want to read a book summary that caught your eye? Or do you want unlimited access to the entire Blinkist book library?

That’s where Blinkist Premium comes into play.

With the Blinkist Premium subscription, you get unlimited access to all summaries, offline reading, and even whole audiobooks.

Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet but for your brain.

Is it value for money?

For those who crave knowledge but are pressed for time, it’s a resounding yes!

Blinkist Compared to Other Book Summary Apps

Name Blinkist GetAbstract
Number of Titles 6500+ 20,000+
Offline Access Yes Yes
Audio Summaries Yes No
Free Version One summary per day Limited access

So, it holds its own when you stack Blinkist against the competition, especially if you love reading and listening.

Why not give Blinkist a try?

After all, knowledge is power, and Blinkist helps you harness it, one summary at a time.

Blinkist Alternatives

No doubt, Blinkist has revolutionized the way we consume knowledge. But like any valuable service, it has its fair share of competitors.

So, who are these contenders in the book summary service arena?

Say hello to Headway, Audible and Shortform. These three main competitors have risen to the challenge, offering unique perspectives and additional features, giving Blinkist a run for its money.


I really like Headway and with the lifetime deal (limited time), it’s a no-brainer. Here is a comparison Headway vs Blinkist.


Audible is renowned in the audiobook field. It operates differently as it provides detailed, often long-form audiobook versions of thousands of books.

But it also offers Audible Originals and even wellness programs, differentiating it in an exciting way from Blinkist.


On the other hand, Shortform is a close competitor, with Blinkist offering a very similar service. It focuses on providing shortened versions of popular nonfiction books.

This is done in an easily digestible format, perfect for those challenged by time.

While Blinkist has carved out a prominent place in the market, it’s clear that there are other options.

Each service has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s ultimately up to the individual reader to decide which provides the best experience for their needs.

Blinkist Review Criteria – How We Tested

Several factors are critical when undertaking a Blinkist review. Among them is the affordability factor, with Blinkist pricing being a fundamental area of focus.

Conveniently, the app offers a monthly subscription for $12.99. A significant cut can be achieved with an annual plan.

Nevertheless, factors like ease of use, practicality, performance, and trust play a vital role in this review.

Indeed, easy-to-navigate features such as listening to playback during natural breaks in daily routines or reading highlighted sections improve the user experience.

This ensures that users can quickly consume knowledge even when pressed for time.

In terms of performance, certain areas of improvement have been noted, including occasional audio freezing and the introduction of a rating system for books summarised. Lastly, trust forms a crucial criterion.

The app’s security protected by Cloudflare validates its trustworthiness and performance reliability.

User Experience on Blinkist

Let’s plunge into the user experience offered by the Blinkist app. Is it easy to use?

Is it simple to navigate? Does it make the learning process efficient?

First things first – the Blinkist app has a minimalistic, simple interface, making it easy for its 18 million users to navigate. It comes equipped with three primary tabs: Discover Library and You.

The Discover tab is a treasure trove allowing users to search for specific titles or browse categories offering personalized recommendations to meet individual learning goals.

The Library tab archives your saved book summaries with sorting options.

Is the site seeing ease of use and user-friendly design yet?

But that’s not all – the You Tab tab adds another layer of customization. It houses the user’s favorite book highlights and a place for settings and synchronization options.

Last but not least – how does Blinkist fare on its basic premise, which is providing book summaries? It offers audiobook summaries with controls for skipping, controlling speed, and enabling autoplay. In contrast, the reading summaries allow for font size adjustment.

Though the Blinkist app is well-rounded, there are still areas for improvement, including the occasional audio freezes and the absence of a rating system for books.

On a lighter note, Blinkist also has a fun feature called ‘Blink of the Day,’ which offers a hand-picked book summary daily to enhance learning. All in all, the user experience offered by Blinkist proves to be engaging and productive.


Does Blinkist work offline?

Yes, it does! Perfect for those subway rides, huh?

What’s in the Blinkist Library?

The Blinkist Library is like a treasure trove for knowledge seekers. With over 40 new titles added monthly, you’ll find a vast range of nonfiction books.

From self-help to science, the Blinkist team curates and condenses. And if you’re an audiobook lover, good news! Blinkist offers audiobook summaries, too. So, whether cooking or commuting, you can feed your brain with the best of nonfiction.

So, Is Blinkist the Best App for Book Lovers?

If you’re always on the go but still want to soak in knowledge, Blinkist is worth a shot. The summaries of books are crafted with care, ensuring you get the essence without the fluff. And if you ever feel like diving deep, you can always read the book.

In conclusion, give it a whirl if you’re pondering whether to try Blinkist. After all, in the vast sea of book summary apps, Blinkist stands tall, offering a perfect blend of quantity and quality. So, like Blinkist or not, it’s worth tapping that download button.

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