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Everywhere you look, you’re bound to come across examples of wokeness. This trend, often linked to increased social and political awareness, has overtaken the media.

woke meaning with examples

According to NPR, ‘Woke’ is now used in political campaigns.

But what does being ‘woke’ really mean?

And where do we see it manifested in today’s society?

How does this impact how we interact with each other and understand ourselves?

What is a woke person?

A woke person is someone aware of and actively addressing social and political injustices, particularly concerning race and gender.

They advocate for equity, often challenging systemic biases and supporting marginalized communities.

Examples Of Being Woke

Understanding the concept of ‘woke’ is paramount in modern discussions concerning social justice. Seeing ‘woke’ in usage perhaps adds more clarity :

  • With Superman being described as ‘very woke’ comic book culture is embracing this shift towards more inclusive narratives.
  • Stanford Law students, many of whom make $200,000 per year upon graduation, publicly critiqued their minority professor’s ‘lack of wokeness.’
  • When a GoFundMe page for Canadian truckers, many of whom were ethnic minorities, was shut down, critics called it an overreach of ‘woke politics.’
  • The American Federation of Teachers taking a BLM resolution despite record-low reading and math scores showcases a shift in the educational department’s role in advancing a woke agenda.

In all these examples, it’s vital to acknowledge that the context shapes the discussion and affects the complexity of the social issues at hand.

As wokeness continues to grow, it’s imperative to have these conversations with sensitivity and understanding.

Positive Examples of Woke

  • 1. Woke is recognizing the importance of mental health and advocating for better resources.
  • 2. Woke is supporting local businesses to uplift community economies.
  • 3. Woke is celebrating the diverse cultures that enrich our global community.
  • 4. Woke is standing up against bullying, both online and offline.
  • 5. Woke is promoting sustainable practices to protect our planet for future generations.
  • 6. Woke is volunteering time to help the less fortunate and marginalized.
  • 7. Woke is listening to and learning from the experiences of others.
  • 8. Woke is advocating for equal opportunities in education and the workplace.
  • 9. Woke is championing women’s rights and gender equality.
  • 10. Woke is promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.
  • 11. Woke is supporting artists and creators from diverse backgrounds.
  • 12. Woke is encouraging open dialogue and understanding among different communities.
  • 13. Woke is fighting against discrimination in all its forms.
  • 14. Woke is uplifting voices that have been historically silenced.
  • 15. Woke is promoting ethical consumerism and supporting fair trade.
  • 16. Woke is recognizing the value of community and the power of collective action.
  • 17. Woke is standing in solidarity with oppressed groups worldwide.
  • 18. Woke is working towards a more inclusive and accepting society.
  • 19. Woke is empowering youth to become changemakers and leaders of tomorrow.
  • 20. Woke is fostering environments where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • 21. Woke is embracing and promoting technological solutions for societal challenges.
  • 22. Woke is continuously educating oneself to be a better ally and advocate.

Negative Examples of Woke

  • 23. Woke is celebrities preaching about environmentalism while flying in private jets.
  • 24. Woke is banning classic literature from schools because they might offend someone.
  • 25. Woke is dismissing genuine concerns as “microaggressions.”
  • 26. Woke is believing that only certain voices should be heard in the name of inclusivity.
  • 27. Woke is pushing for censorship in media to protect people’s feelings.
  • 28. Woke is brands changing their logos and mottos for a brief PR boost.
  • 29. Woke is demanding diversity in every field, except diversity of thought.
  • 30. Woke is championing open borders but living in gated communities.
  • 31. Woke is blaming every personal failure on systemic oppression.
  • 32. Woke is advocating for defunding the police while hiring private security.
  • 33. Woke is prioritizing pronouns over policies that can truly uplift communities.
  • 34. Woke is seeing everything through the lens of identity politics.
  • 35. Woke is dismissing historical figures based solely on their flaws.
  • 36. Woke is silencing speakers on college campuses in the name of “safety.”
  • 37. Woke is believing that one’s worth is determined by their victimhood status.
  • 38. Woke is forcing athletes to kneel but condemning those who stand for their beliefs.
  • 39. Woke is promoting cancel culture as a means of social justice.
  • 40. Woke is equating capitalism with oppression.
  • 41. Woke is teaching children to judge others by their race rather than character.
  • 42. Woke is seeing cultural appreciation as cultural appropriation.
  • 43. Woke is prioritizing feelings over facts in every debate.
  • 44. Woke is claiming to be for tolerance while being intolerant to dissenting views.

What Is ‘Woke’ in Politics? (Left Vs Right)

A ‘woke’ person from the left’s perspective is someone fiercely aware of racial and gendered prejudice within society.

They use their voice to address this perceived injustice, evaluating situations through the lens of social equity.

For the political left some prime woke examples include endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement promoting gender-neutral bathrooms and respecting trans people’s preferred pronouns.

Left’s Perspective Right’s Perspective
Supporting Black Lives Matter Criticizing affirmative action
Promoting Gender Neutral Bathrooms Denouncing cancel culture

The right’s perspective often perceives ‘wokeness’ through a somewhat different lens.

While the right upholds the rhetoric of all people being created equal, it scrutinizes cancel culture and affirmative action, seeing the ‘woke’ ideals as a potential threat to free speech and meritocracies.

List of The Most Woke Companies

What is Woke Capitalism?

Woke capitalism is when corporations publicly engage in socially progressive practices or adopt ‘woke’ stances.

This approach involves weaving wokeness into marketing campaigns, creating an image that the company strives for a fairer power distribution.

Company Reason
Nike Supported Colin Kaepernick’s racial injustice protest.
Pepsi Ad featured Kylie Jenner symbolizing unity in protest.
Ben & Jerry’s Consistently speaks out on social justice issues and supports related causes.
Patagonia Advocates for environmental responsibility and sustainability.
Starbucks Initiatives for racial bias training and support for LGBTQ+ rights.

History Of Wokeism

“Wokeism” is a modern term with historical roots.

What’s the origin?

  • The word “woke” has its foundation in African-American culture.
  • First appeared around the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Documented use began in 1972.
  • It means staying aware of societal injustices, especially racial bias.

Early days of “wokeness”

  • Closely linked to civil rights and combating racial injustice.
  • Highlighted issues affecting minorities and marginalized groups.

Mid-2000s revival

  • Became popular among young people and on social media.
  • Linked to racial injustice topics and hashtags.
  • Movements like BLM, feminists, and LGBTQI rights groups adopted the term.
  • “Woke” now also addresses gender issues and LGBTQI discrimination.

Post-structuralist influence:

  • Framed as resistance to systemic oppression.
  • Beyond just racial issues, it included LGBTQI rights and gender inequality.


  • Rise in “woke politics.”
  • Businesses also adopted a “woke” approach for inclusivity and fairness.

Final Words

“Wokeness” stems from social and political issues. It includes actions like taking a knee during the national anthem and raising pride flags.

Its main goal is to protest against racial injustice and address controversial views on power and race. However, some critics see it as a show, especially when tv networks highlight certain voices.

Informing a white person of their privilege or pushing for job openings to people of color and women is a bold move.

But, in a time when old tweets can harm reputations and social media shadow banning limits voices, being alert to racial and gendered issues is crucial.

As it grows, the movement must avoid becoming the oppressor and uphold the right to speak.

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