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  • UCLA’s acceptance rate has dropped to 10.7%, which is a significant decrease from the 20% seen in 2012.
  • Out of the 149,813 students that applied in 2022, only 12,825 were accepted.
  • The decrease in the acceptance rate is primarily due to the surge in the number of applicants.
  • To be considered for admission at UCLA, resident applicants need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0, while non-resident applicants need a GPA of 3.4.

If you want to get into UCLA, you may be wondering what kind of acceptance rate this college has. This is an important question to ask as acceptance rates have gone down lately, making it harder for students to be accepted into the college of their choice.

This is an important factor to think about when applying for colleges, as this directly affects your chances of being accepted. Acceptance rates reveal the chances of the applicants, making it clearer what colleges offer a better chance to students.

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With applicant rates going up, acceptance rates are going down, making it harder than ever for students looking to get into college. Keep reading to find out what kind of acceptance rate UCLA has as well as a few requirements to be accepted by this college.

What Is the UCLA Acceptance Rate for All Students?

Like many colleges, UCLA is also experiencing a lower acceptance rate for students as of 2022. This is an issue that is occurring across the board as more and more students are starting to apply to these colleges, resulting in too many applicants.

Because of this, UCLA’s acceptance rate has dropped to 10.7%, making it much harder for applicants to be accepted.

This has made this college far more competitive as there are few spots to be filled and too many applicants applying.


  Men Women
First-time freshmen 2,406 4,126
Total undergraduates 12,507 18,802
Graduate (Degree-seeking, first-time) 2,292 2,452
Total graduate 6,728 7,039
Rate 53.7% 37.4%

Out of the 149,813 students that applied, only 12,825 were accepted, resulting in far fewer accepted applications. This is the lowest recorded acceptance rate for freshmen since 2012.

This is an issue that many colleges are experiencing, especially in 2020 and 2021. For students looking to get into colleges in 2022, the competition has never been greater, and the acceptance rates have never been lower.

ucla acceptance

More applicants result in more competition in order to fill these limited slots and UCLA. This has always been considered a popular college that you have to be qualified to get into, but the stakes are much higher now.

The results also showed that UCLA prioritized local applicants, as they made up the greater amount of accepted applications. This is something that students should consider when they are applying to UCLA.

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Why Is the UCLA Acceptance Rate so Low?

Many students may be wondering why the acceptance rate for UCLA has become so low as of 2022. This is a commonly asked question as the acceptance rate for this college is as low as it has ever been for applicants.

The direct answer is that UCLA has started to experience more and more applicants over the last few years. It is not necessarily accepting fewer students, it is simply receiving more applications which is driving its acceptance rate down.


This is mostly due to the fact that more and more students are looking to get into college each year. College is more in demand, which is making the spots in colleges more sought after and harder to get into.

This is an issue that is happening across all colleges as they only have so much room for additional students. A low acceptance rate creates more competition for the spots that are available, making it harder to get accepted into that college.

This is made clear as the acceptance rate for UCLA has decreased from 20% in 2012 to 10.7% in 2022. This shows that the acceptance rate has decreased by more than half within the time span of a decade.

This shows the drastic demand for college applicants as more and more colleges are starting to be flooded with applications. So acceptance rates are going down because of many things:

  • Higher demand
  • More applicants
  • Fewer openings

What GPA Is Required for UCLA?

If you want to apply to get into UCLA, you will need to have a GPA of at least 3.0. This is the lowest score that is required if you want to be able to get into this college as a resident applicant.


For non-resident applicants, you must have a GPA score of 3.4 in order to be considered for UCLA. This is the lowest score that you can get to even be considered an acceptable applicant for this college.

Though these are the lowest scores that you can get in order to be accepted into UCLA, it is best to have a higher GPA score. With the acceptance rate for this college being so low, only the most exemplary students are going to be accepted.


This is why it is best to go above and beyond the standards required for applicants for UCLA if you really want to be accepted.

UCLA applicants are also required to not have any scores lower than a C in their high school transcripts.

Is It Harder to Get Into UCLA or Harvard?

With the acceptance rate for UCLA being so low, many applicants may wonder if it has become as hard or harder than it is to get into Harvard. UCLA is a state school, so it is not really comparable to a college like Harvard.

Though UCLA does have a low acceptance rate, the acceptance rate for Harvard is 5%, being much lower than UCLA.

So even though UCLA is hard to get into, it is still not at the level of difficulty that Harvard is.

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What Kind of Acceptance Rate Does UCLA Have?

The acceptance rate for UCLA is 10.7%, making this a harder college to get into than some other options. This is also a lower score than has been seen in a decade for the college.

If you want to get into UCLA, the average SAT score for accepted students is usually 1405 out of 1600.

While there is no specific ACT score that is required by UCLA, it is not generally considered for applicants with a lower score than 27.


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