Women’s Basketball Colleges


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If you want to go to a women’s basketball college, you probably want to know what women’s basketball colleges there are to choose from. These are not colleges that are going to be found all over the place as they are not extremely common.

Because of this, you are going to have to look into basketball colleges closest to you as there may not be a women’s basketball college in your area. Because there aren’t as many women’s basketball colleges as other colleges, your options may be slightly limited.

This can also create more competition around the slots that are available in these colleges. If there are many women trying to get into a women’s basketball college, the stakes are going to be higher, and you are going to have to stand out more.

This is part of why it can be hard to get into a women’s basketball college, as you are up against the best of the best. Only women who truly stand out are going to be accepted into these kinds of colleges.

Women's Basketball Colleges

Keep reading to find out what women’s basketball colleges there are to choose from and the details that make these great colleges to go to.

Getting Into Women’s Basketball College

If you are interested in going to a women’s basketball college, the process for doing this is going to be quite different than other colleges. This is because this is an athletic college and is going to have different requirements than an academic college.

Most women who get into basketball college have been scouted or recruited by people who saw them playing in high school. People may also be able to get a scholarship to attend one of these schools if they are good at basketball.

This is not the type of college that most people should attend unless they really have a passion for basketball as well as a talent for it. This is why so many women end up being recruited into basketball colleges if they are showing their skills and potential.

Though it is important to keep in mind that your academic skills are also going to be taken into account. Women who go to basketball college must also flourish academically and show this throughout their high school scores.


You will also want to be competing at the highest level in women’s basketball wherever you are in order to be seriously considered for basketball college. This shows that you are at the skill level that is required and have the potential to get even better.

These are all things that you need to carefully consider if you want to go to a women’s basketball college as this is a difficult process. The standard application process is not going to apply to you as athletic colleges work differently.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is considered one of the best women’s basketball colleges that you can go to. The school has an amazing track record for producing outstanding women’s basketball players that later go on to have successful careers.

Aside from basketball, the University of South Carolina also has a variety of other degrees that you can get when you go to this college. This is ideal as it allows students to get an education in other areas as well as basketball.

This college also offers competitive scholarships that students can try to get to help with their college costs. Additionally, these campuses allow for students to work on the campus, though this will not be enough to cover the tuition cost.

Overall, this is considered to be one of the best options if you have the qualifications to get into this university.

  • Location: South Carolina
  • GPA Score: 3.78
  • TOEFL Scores: 77

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon has a renowned women’s basketball team on the campus, allowing students to immediately get into the action. It also has an NCAA basketball ranking for the college team.

This is a great college option for international students as there are several financial aids that can be gotten. This is a great way to help cover your tuition fees and attend this college at a discounted price.

Anyone looking to apply to this college should do some research on the scholarships that are offered. You may qualify for specific scholarships or may stand a chance at winning a scholarship to help cover your tuition costs even if you aren’t an international student.

The University of Oregon women’s basketball team has a busy schedule and generates a large number of fans. This gives students a real taste of what it feels like to be a professional women’s basketball player on the field.

  • Location: Oregon
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 88 – 120

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is a public research institution that has gained quite a reputation for its women’s basketball team as well as its women’s basketball program. This makes this college a great option if you are serious about women’s basketball.

This college has an NCAA-ranked women’s basketball team that you can join if you are going to this college. This provides a great opportunity to be a part of a team and get hands-on experience playing basketball.

There is some financial aid available for international students, and you may be able to apply for a scholarship as well. These are things you will have to look into, as scholarships are very common for athletic colleges and can help a great deal with tuition costs.

  • Location: Maryland
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 115 – 120

University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is another women’s basketball college that has an NCAA college ranking. The students that go here are known for being hard-working and very competitive, making this a fast-paced environment.

Quite a lot is required for you to be considered to be an accepted student for this university, so you will need to make sure that your application includes all of the necessities. There is a low acceptance rate for this college, so you need to make sure your application stands out.

There are not many scholarships or financial aid options available for students at the University of Connecticut. Though this university does allow students to get special loans to help cover their tuition costs.

  • Location: Connecticut
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 79 – 550

Baylor University

Baylor University is considered to be one of the best women’s basketball colleges in the Texas area. It is one of the oldest private universities and has a lot to offer students who go there.

The application process for this university is very reasonable and does not require that you have too much added to your application. This is good news for those who have good academic scores but don’t have exemplary academic scores.

This is a great university to get a scholarship to if you apply for scholarships. This can help with the tuition costs as they add up quite quickly for this kind of university.

  • Location: Texas
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 80


Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has a nationally prominent women’s basketball program on its campus. If you really want to stand out, this is a great college to go to in order to really stand out as a women’s basketball player.

This college has plenty of other opportunities aside from basketball, so you have the option of taking other majors as well. This can be very useful as a backup plan for the future if you want to have other expertise as well.

Georgia Tech has a strong focus on encouraging its women’s basketball students to push themselves to do greater in their program. This puts a strong focus on teamwork and self-motivation to push students to become exemplary.

This college is home to an amazing women’s basketball team that students may be able to join if they are good enough. This gives you the opportunity to work with a team and get more experience playing professional women’s basketball.

  • Location: Georgia
  • GPA Score: 3.3
  • TOEFL Scores: 90 – 577

Yale University

Yale University is a prominent Ivy League college that would look good on anyone’s résumé. This is a college where the best of the best go and where you can get access to an amazing women’s basketball program.

There are many amazing scholarships available for the women’s basketball team, and students can also take on other courses. This is a great way to diversify your education as well as other areas of expertise outside of basketball.

Keep in mind that Yale University requires all women’s basketball students to flourish academically as well as athletically. To get in, you must have a track record of good academic scores as well as athletic performance.

This will not be a relaxed program as you will be expected to keep up with the women’s basketball program as well as your other studies. This is where scholarships come in handy, as this allows you to dedicate all of your time to college.

  • Location: Connecticut
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 100

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is considered to be one of the top women’s basketball college options for anyone who is serious about this program. Not only has the team at UC Berkeley shown itself to be very competitive, but it has also taken great academic strides.

This program expects all of its women’s basketball students to excel academically just as much as they do athletically. Because of this, only the best of the best will be accepted into UC Berkeley on all accounts.

One amazing benefit to going to this college is that mental and health care options are provided for women’s basketball students. This is helpful throughout the entire college experience if you ever find yourself needing this kind of care.

There are also several other programs associated with the women’s basketball program that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and body positivity. These are all things that pair well with women’s basketball and help the students to excel in this area.

  • Location: California
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 80

Harvard University

Harvard is another Ivy League school that offers an amazing women’s basketball program that is highly respected. The downside to this is that it is nearly impossible to get into this program as only the best students are chosen.

Most students who are accepted into the women’s basketball program at Harvard are recruited instead of applying. This allows Harvard to find the kinds of students that it wants to fill its program with and sees them in action.

This is a highly selective program, as students who graduate from Harvard‘s women’s basketball program have a very good chance of becoming professional athletes. This makes the stakes higher as long-term benefits are much higher for Harvard students.

As you might expect, Harvard University puts a lot of expectations on students and expects them to excel academically and athletically. So in order to be accepted and stay in Harvard‘s women’s basketball program, you’ll have to focus on both areas.

  • Location: Massachusetts
  • GPA Score: 3.0
  • TOEFL Scores: 104

University of Florida

The University of Florida has a widely recognized women’s basketball team called the gators. Any student who makes their way to this team is bound to find success in their athletic career later on after graduating.

This is a very recognized women’s basketball team that regularly generates large crowds of fans at the games. Because of this, students can expect to get a real taste of what it feels like to be a professional women’s basketball teammate.

The GPA score requirement for the school is higher than the others, however, so only the most academically forward students are accepted. This is something to keep in mind as you will need to thrive both academically and athletically to keep up with this rigorous program.

If your GPA score is lower than what is expected, your application is not going to stand out the way that it needs to during the application process.

  • Location: Florida
  • GPA Score: 4.42
  • TOEFL Scores: 80
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