Examples of Passions (Things To Be Passionate About)


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Feeling like your everyday life is missing some excitement, but not sure what it is? There’s a thrillingly electrifying word for it – Passion.

Strangely, many of us wander through life’s labyrinth with our passions hidden, crouching in the shadowy recesses of our souls, waiting to burst into existence.

passions examples

Some of us are lucky, born with an undeniable calling echoing in our hearts.

But for the rest of us, passion can be like a sly cat – elusive, subtle, sneaking up when least expected.

So, ready to embark on a pursuit to uncover yours?

Things To Be Passionate About

A passion can refer to an activity you do during your free time. It could be a value you hold that you find important.

Following your passion can be an excellent way to find meaning in your career. However, you can also work a job you aren’t that passionate about. Then, you can spend your free time practicing your passion.

Usually, passion is something that makes you feel good when you think about or do it. We all have passions, but they can vary widely between individuals.

List of Passions You Can Pursue

Maybe you don’t know what your passions are but want to figure them out. That’s totally normal, and it can feel like you don’t have any passions.

However, many passions fall into one of a few categories. You can even find activities that combine multiple types of passions. Whether you want to pursue your passion as a career or not, consider the following examples of passions.

1. Community Service

If you like helping others, you may have a passion for community service.

people doing Community Service

This is where you work with others in your community to make their lives better. In a career setting, this type of passion may see you working in a non-profit or in the public sector.

Outside of work, you may volunteer your time on the weekends. You could spend time raising or saving money to donate to local organizations.

Other examples of activities you can do include donating blood or hosting a fundraiser. You might also spend time cleaning up trash from local parks. Another option is to tutor at-risk youth to help them with their schoolwork.

Consider ways you can help your local community. There are probably multiple options, so you can find something that works based on your schedule and interests.

2. Social Engagement

Many people are passionate about social change.

Social Engagement

Much of Generation Z is interested in social justice, and young people are getting more involved.

You can practice social engagement by advocating for social issues. Maybe you use your social media platforms to raise awareness of issues in your community or country. Another option is to visit and participate in community forums.

Voting in local, state, and federal elections is another vital way to chase your dreams. But you can take it one step further and volunteer for campaigns you care about. You could even run for office one day.

3. Physical Fitness

Some people have a passion for health and fitness.


Getting fit can help you feel better, and you can feel stronger than you did before. What’s more, there are many different things you can do to live out your calling.

Maybe it’s as simple as going to the gym a few times a week. If you need more accountability, you could work with a personal trainer. Then, you can work on getting in shape with the help of an expert.

If you prefer to learn with others, you could join a sports team or a physical fitness class. That way, you’ll have other people who are learning the sport or activity. You can enjoy the process of learning with others.

Of course, you can also practice physical fitness alone. Consider trying sports, such as running, bicycling, tennis, or basketball.

4. Relationships

Another excellent passion to have is for your relationships.

relationship as a passion

Being close to the people around you can make you and them feel good. You can work on your relationships with your friends, family, and even your coworkers.

One easy way to chase this passion is to simply spend time with others. You may not have to do anything other than be in the same room. However, you can also talk, play a board game, or work on a puzzle together.

You can also explore your town or go on trips to make memories. If you have a significant other, you could set up a weekly date night with each other. There are many ways to connect with the people you love, and this passion can even be free to chase.

It could be as simple as making a family dinner that you all eat together. Or it could be as complex as planning a family trip once per year.

5. Personal Development

Maybe you want to become a better person, so you have a passion for personal development.

what is your passion in life examples

You can chase this regarding your personal life, work life, or both.

For example, you could start by setting goals for yourself. Then, you may look into the best self-help books to help build confidence or work towards the goals you have. You can also find podcasts or other content on the subject.

A less obvious example of personal development is learning a new skill. Whether you want to speak a second language or learn to sew, you can do so. Then, you can use those new skills to further better yourself.

6. Relaxation

Everyone needs some time to relax and unwind, especially after a long day or week of work.

what is my passion: relaxation

A great way to do this is to start practicing yoga. You can learn different poses and practice deep breathing during your yoga sessions.

Meditation can go along with yoga, or you can practice it on its own. When you meditate, you have to focus on where you are and on your breathing. It can be an excellent way to help manage stress and ignore your problems for a while.

If you have more time and some money, you can book a spa day. Then, you can get a massage and enjoy any other amenities the facility has.

Consider working on your sleep hygiene by setting a regular bedtime. That will give you time to relax even without having to practice yoga or go to a spa.

7. Leisure

You can pursue many leisure activities that can become passions or even careers.

examples of passions and hobbies - leisure

For example, maybe you like plants, so you decide to start a garden. You could learn how to grow produce that you use when cooking.

Another excellent activity within this category is reading. Find books in your favorite genre, and dedicate time to reading each day. Within a year, you could have read a few books or even finished a book series.

If reading isn’t your thing, maybe you get into a new TV show or movie series. You can watch an episode here or there. Plus, if the show is currently airing, you can get excited for the next episode to come out.

A more expensive interest to explore is traveling. You can spend time in new cities and countries, and you can explore the culture. Some people have even turned this into a career, either as a travel blogger or a digital nomad.

8. Crafting

The next type of passion is one related to crafts.

interests in crafting

For example, maybe you love fashion and want to learn how to make your own clothes. You could get into the world of sewing, and you can start to design unique pieces.

Another option is to learn to knit or crochet. You can make scarves, accessories, and even some clothing items.

Some people enjoy embroidery or cross-stitching. Then, there’s jewelry making, where you create new pieces, such as bracelets or rings.

Woodworking, painting, and other crafts also fall into this category. If you get good at a craft, you could eventually turn it into a business or career.

9. Creation

Crafts are a form of creation, but there are other forms that aren’t necessarily crafts.

values expressed in your creations

This includes things like writing, filming videos, or playing music. All of these are excellent passions.

You can come up with ideas of what to create. For example, a writer may start a blog, or they may choose to write a fiction novel.

A musician may start by playing existing pieces. As you improve, you could start to write your own music from scratch. You can practice music alone, or you can join or start a musical group to perform with others.

Another group creative activity is theatre. Find local acting troupes to join as a performer or as part of the crew. Then, you can learn about lighting, sound, and set design.

10. Education

Many people have a passion for education, and this can work in a couple of ways.


First, you could be passionate about learning new things yourself. In this case, you may find new podcasts to listen to.

You could also watch educational videos on interesting subjects. Maybe you enroll in a college course or go to a lecture.

However, you might be more passionate about teaching. You could tutor kids who need help with their homework, or you could teach others through videos and other content types. Of course, this passion is relatively easy to turn into a career since you can be a teacher.

Best 10 Passions That Can Help Your Career

Finding a passion that aligns with your career can not only make your work more enjoyable, but it can also boost your performance and potential for success.

list of passions

Here’s a list of passions that could give your career a lift:

  1. Leadership: A passion for leading and inspiring others can be invaluable in managerial or executive roles.
  2. Problem Solving: If you love cracking puzzles and finding solutions, careers in engineering, programming, or data analysis could be a perfect match.
  3. Communication: A knack for articulating ideas effectively can benefit roles in marketing, sales, public relations, journalism, or teaching.
  4. Creative Thinking: Passion for creativity and innovation can lead to a thriving career in design, arts, advertising, writing, or entrepreneurship.
  5. Technology: A passion for tech can open doors to careers in software development, IT management, cybersecurity, or digital marketing.
  6. Learning & Research: Love for knowledge and continuous learning can be beneficial in roles such as academia, science, law, or consulting.
  7. Social Engagement & Advocacy: If you are passionate about making a difference in society, consider careers in social work, community outreach, environmental conservation, or politics.
  8. Organizing & Planning: A passion for organization can lead to successful careers in project management, event planning, or administrative roles.
  9. Health & Wellness: If you’re passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle, consider professions like personal training, nutritionist, physical therapist, or healthcare management.
  10. Finance & Investing: A passion for numbers and financial success can be leveraged in careers like accounting, financial planning, or investment banking.

Remember, your passion doesn’t have to limit your career choice; rather, it can inform and enrich it, creating a more satisfying work-life balance.


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