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If you find yourself getting bored, you may want to look for some new hobbies.

list of hobbies

Then, you won’t sit around all day twiddling your thumbs.

Consider the following categories and examples to help you get started.


Collecting is one of the best types of hobbies you can start. It makes it easy to add things to your gift list for birthdays and holidays, but you can also buy things for yourself. Consider the following types of collecting you can do.

Collect stamps, especially throughout the years when new ones come out. You can add the stamps to a book to keep them in good condition.

According to a study 30-40% of Americans collect something.

If you like coins, you can also collect them. You can start with common coins, such as quarters, and you can look out for each state quarter out there. Then, you could move on to more unique coins.

Many people like to collect Pokemon cards and other trading cards. Consider your other interests, such as a sport, and find collectible cards that relate to that.

A similar option to cards is comic books. You can hunt for original copies or other valuable books to preserve and potentially sell for a high profit.

If you like toys, you could also collect those. Examples of this type of hobby include collecting American Girl dolls, Beanie Babies, and other prized toys.

Wine drinkers might also want to start a wine collection. You can set up a cellar in your basement to keep your collection free. Then, you could ask for different wines as gifts from your loved ones.

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Tons of people enjoy making things with their hands and getting crafty. Luckily, there are many hobbies that allow you to express this interest.

Many people probably think of sewing when they think of crafting. You could sew anything from clothing to accessories.

A similar hobby involves knitting or crocheting. You can make clothing, but you can also make blankets, accessories, and other small items. Then, you can sell them, keep them, or give them away.

If you want to remember important events, consider scrapbooking. You can get creative with the paper and designs. Then, you’ll be able to review your scrapbooks when you want to look back on the past.

Soap making is slowly becoming more popular. You can make soap in fun colors and shapes, and you can use them or give them as gifts. Now, some soap making methods are dangerous, so this isn’t the best hobby for kids.

Maybe you love having unique jewelry pieces. Instead of buying them, you can get into making your own jewelry. You’ll need some supplies, but you can get creative and make items you’d never find elsewhere.

Another craft to try is candle making. You can melt wax and add colorant and scents to make your candle unique. Then, you can burn the new scent to enjoy your hard work.

Artistic and Creative

Many hobbies allow you to get artistic and creative. Some crafts fall into this category, but there are plenty of other hobbies you can test out.

If you never got a chance to dance as a kid, do so now. You can take a dance class to learn a specific type of dance or multiple genres. Then, you’ll be able to perform in a recital at the end of the year.

Playing an instrument or singing is another great artistic hobby. Take lessons from a private teacher to improve your skills more efficiently.

Another performance-based hobby is acting. Some towns and cities have local theater groups that accept amateurs. You can also enroll in an acting class to learn the basics and practice your skills before acting in a show.

Visual art is another great hobby for many people. There are many sub-categories you can choose from, including painting, drawing, and sculpting.

Maybe you enjoy writing, so you make that your hobby. You could take this in a lot of directions, from writing a novel to starting a blog. Consider what you like to write to help choose.

Perhaps you prefer to talk or be on camera. You could get into videography, and you could post your content online.

Food and Cooking

If you love food, you can turn that passion into a new hobby. Consider some of the best sub-hobbies within this category.

Baking is a great hobby if you like eating sweets, bread, and other similar items. You need to be able to measure items since baking requires precision, but you can experiment with recipes as well to see what you like.

If you find you’re always eating out, try cooking as your new hobby. You can play with recipes and find new foods you enjoy making. Then, you can eat what you’ve just made for dinner or lunch.

Along with cooking, consider gardening. You’ll be able to grow some or all of your produce, so you could get fresher ingredients and even save money at the grocery store.

Coffee fans might want to try coffee roasting. You’ll want to find unroasted beans and get the supplies you need to roast them yourself. Then, you won’t have to worry about the roast being too light or dark.

Meanwhile, people who enjoy a good beer may want to brew their own. You can get a brewing kit to make beer from home. Then, you can figure out what you like the best and make more of it.

A similar hobby but for wine drinkers is wine tasting. Many cities have wine tasting events, so you can also make this a more social activity.


Some people love to travel and explore new places. If that’s you, here are some hobby ideas you could test out.

An easy way to visit multiple places in one trip is to go on a cruise. You can book a cruise or two per year based on your budget. Then, you won’t have to decide on just one place to visit, and you can meet other cruise lovers.

If you prefer not to go on the water, you could go on a road trip. That way, you’ll still be able to visit more than one destination, and you can have control over your travels.

For longer trips, consider renting an RV that you can live in. You could even spend some time working, especially if you have a remote job.

While it may not seem as obvious, you could learn a new language as a hobby. This is a great way to prepare for an upcoming international trip. When you’re gone, you can interact with the locals in their language.

Another less-obvious travel hobby is to start a travel blog. You can use your blog to inspire you to visit new places, and you can cover your adventures online.

Some people might want to try to learn to fly a plane. You can search for lessons in your area or attend flight school. If you’re successful, you could eventually get a job as a pilot.


If you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, you aren’t alone. Consider a few excellent hobby ideas that get you outside.

Bicycling is a great option for people who want to get fit. You can focus on biking in the city or get a mountain bike to ride in the woods. Then, you could join a bike race to challenge yourself.

Hiking is a similar hobby, but it can be easier to start since you don’t need much equipment. You can go to local hiking trails or simply walk around your neighborhood.

If you live near the mountains, you may want to try skiing. You’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of riding down the slopes, and you can get better with practice.

Snowboarding is a similar hobby, so you can try it and skiing. Then, you may find one is better suited for you than the other.

On the flip side, you might live near the ocean, so you could start scuba diving. You’ll need to go through a certification course first. Then, you can dive and enjoy the beauty of marine life.

Another popular water-based outdoor hobby is fishing. You can do this almost anywhere, including in rivers and lakes. If you don’t live near the ocean, this is a great way to enjoy the water and get outside.


Maybe you don’t want to go outside but still want to be active. Luckily, there are quite a few hobbies you can try to fulfill those goals.

Bowling may not be that active, but it’s fun and easy to start. Most cities have a local bowling alley where you can rent your shoes and the ball. You may even be able to join a league that practices at the alley to get better.

Swimming is another great active hobby. You can find an indoor pool so that you can swim throughout the year. As you advance, you can swim competitively.

Running is a great hobby for people who want to get in shape on a budget. Of course, you can run outdoors, but you can also get a treadmill to stay active in extreme weather.

If you want to learn to protect yourself, consider taking martial arts classes. You can learn new skills and advance to higher belts. Then, you’ll have some practical skills in case you’re ever in a dangerous situation.

Any sport can make for a good hobby. You can find a local league for team sports, or you could start with an individual sport, like tennis, and take lessons.


There are many different games that you can play casually. But if you find you really enjoy one, you can turn it into a serious hobby.

Chess is one of the most well-known and most popular games. It requires a lot of strategy, and it can be hard to get better. However, you can join a chess club to play with others, or you can use an app to play against a computer and improve your skills.

Trivia nights are a fun activity for groups who want to play together. You can start your own trivia night, or you can look for existing ones. Form a team with some friends so that you can feed off each other.

Of course, board games are another great type of hobby to start. You can play anything from Monopoly to Scrabble. Games are great for when you’re bored, and some are easy to take on the go.

Another option is to play video games on your console, computer, or mobile device. You can choose from tons of different games, and you can play alone or with other players.

While puzzles aren’t the same as other games, you can still enjoy doing puzzles. You can work on the puzzle in your free time or take it more seriously and attempt to finish within a certain period.


According to a report from, the average employed person has 2-4 hours free time a day. Why not fill this free time with hobbies?


Some of the best hobbies don’t fit into any of the other categories. However, you can still find other activities to do during your free time.

One great example is to volunteer in your local community. You can volunteer for a group you really care about, such as an animal shelter. Then, you can combine your love of helping others with another interest.

Meditation is a great hobby for anyone who has to deal with a lot of stress. When you meditate, you have to focus on the moment and block out your thoughts. It’s not easy, but it can be easier with time.

Maybe you own a home but aren’t totally happy with it. You could start a home improvement project, from painting to building new cabinets.

A book club is another fantastic hobby, especially if you can never find a good book to read. You can use the club to motivate yourself and learn of new novels and memoirs.

If you like understanding the world around you, consider something like astrology. You can review your own birth chart to learn more about yourself. Check out the birth charts of your loved ones to better understand them.

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