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  • With 1.44 billion users, Instagram is the fourth most active social media platform.
  • Instagram ads reach about 18.1% of the entire population of people.
  • Almost a quarter (23.1%) of people 13 and older use Instagram.
  • India has the highest number of Instagram users with 263.8 million.
  • Over half of Instagram users (52.8%) are male.
  • More than three-fourths (76.3%) of Instagram users are 18 to 44 years old.
  • The average engagement rate for all types of posts on Instagram is less than 1%.
  • Instagram just turned 12 years old in October 2022.
  • Almost all (99.9%) of Instagram users also use at least one other social platform.
  • In the fall of 2021, Instagram was the second most downloaded app, behind TikTok.

Instagram Users

instagram users

Instagram is a popular social media app, and it’s important to learn more about the users, such as active users, and how the number has grown.

As you might expect, the Instagram brand’s account has the most followers, but Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t too far behind.

  • About 1.22 billion people actively use Instagram per month.
  • Roughly 1.2 million of those people use Instagram and no other social media.
  • Almost three-fifths (59%) of adults in the US use Instagram each day.
  • Around 38% of those daily Instagram users visit the app multiple times in a day.
  • With 2.1 total (active and inactive), Instagram has the fourth highest number of users after Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp.
  • The official Instagram account for the brand has the highest number of followers, with over 561 million followers.
  • Athlete Cristiano Ronaldo comes in second place thanks to more than 492 million followers.
  • Instagram is on track to reach more than 2.5 billion users by next year (2023).
  • In 2021, Instagram gained more users than years prior, adding 370 million accounts.
  • Instagram only reached 370 million total users in 2015.
  • About 100 million new users join every four to nine months, and that rate hasn’t changed since 2014.

More stats: Facebook Stats and Telegram Users.

Instagram Demographics

When it comes to Instagram, brands and businesses should learn about the demographics, especially before spending any money on the platform.

Despite the rise of platforms like TikTok, Instagram is still popular and going strong, especially among young adults.

  • Adults 18 to 34 make up about 60% of the app’s user base.
  • One-fourth of US Instagram users live in rural areas.
  • Urban areas are the most common, with 45% of Instagram users living in cities.
  • The demographic growing the fastest is males from 55 to 64 years old due to an increase of 63.6%.
  • Women make up 47.2% of Instagram users.
  • Despite it being against the platform’s policies, one out of every 20 kids ages 11 and under use Instagram.
  • Teens 13 to 17 make up 9.6% of the total audience with 139 million accounts.
  • Only 33.8 million Instagram users are 65 or older (2.3%).
  • Adults 18 to 24 are the largest demographic on the platform and make up 31.2% of all users thanks to their 446.4 million active accounts.
  • Over 433.7 million adults between 25 and 34 use Instagram (30% of the audience).
  • Instagram has an additional 216.9 million users between 35 and 44 (15.1%).
  • About 111.8 million adults from 45 to 54 are Instagram users (7.9%).
  • Another 56.2 million adults ages 55 to 64 use Instagram regularly.
  • Around 84% of teens in the US use Instagram.
  • A quarter (25%) of American teens say that Instagram is their favorite social media platform.
  • As many as 95 million Instagram accounts are bots, which is about 4.75% of all Instagram accounts.

Instagram Business Use

Like other social media platforms, Instagram can be an excellent way to advertise a business’s product or service, either from the brand or an influencer.

Consider statistics regarding average engagement rates for businesses, how people shop on Instagram, and the importance of influencer marketing.

  • Most Instagram accounts (90%) follow one business or more.
  • There are over 25 million businesses that use Instagram for marketing.
  • Business accounts post an average of 1.6 times per day on Instagram.
  • The most popular content business accounts post is photos, which account for 62.7% of all business posts.
  • A business account only gains about 1.69% new followers per month.
  • Most Instagram users (57%) like viewing polls and quizzes from businesses.
  • Roughly 50% of Instagram users like to find new brands using the social network.
  • About two-thirds of all users say they feel they can connect better with brands on Instagram.
  • Business accounts have an average engagement rate of only 0.83% per post.
  • The global advertising reach on Instagram increased by 20.5% this year, and it surpassed Facebook.
  • Instagram ads can reach about 28.6% of all internet users worldwide.
  • Close to half (44%) of Instagrammers use the platform to shop online at least once per week.
  • Instagram advertising reach increased by 360 million from July 2020 to July 2022.
  • Smaller business accounts with less than 10,000 followers have an average engagement rate of 0.75%.
  • That engagement rate is 50% higher than larger accounts with over 100,000 followers (0.5%).
  • Accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers get an average engagement rate of 0.68%.
  • Around 58% of marketers plan to incorporate Reels into their Instagram strategy.
  • About 130 million Instagram users go shopping through the platform.
  • Most marketers (73%) like to use Instagram for influencer marketing.
  • Almost all fashion brands (98%) use Instagram.
  • The majority of Instagram influencers are nano-influencers (54%) or micro-influencers (33%).
  • Businesses spend about 69% of their marketing budget on Instagram influencer marketing.
  • The top 50 Instagram influencers have a combined 7 billion followers, which is about the same as the population of Earth.
  • About five out of every six users (83%) learn about products through Instagram.
  • Around 2 million businesses advertise on Instagram each month.
  • Higher education brands have the highest engagement rate at 3.96% on average.
  • Nonprofits and sports brands tie for second place with an average engagement rate of 2.4%.
  • Instagram is the best platform to reach about 73% of teens to promote new products.
  • From 2018 to 2018, the #ad tag grew by 133%.
  • A third of the most viewed Instagram stories are those of business accounts.

Instagram Use Worldwide

Instagram may be popular in the US, but there are many more users throughout the world, from India to Brazil to the UK.

Consider where most Instagram users live and which countries have the highest usage rate (the answer may surprise you).

  • Instagram comes in 7th place for the highest number of worldwide visits per month.
  • The Instagram website gets 2.9 billion page views per month on average.
  • Many people Google “Instagram” to find the website, making the search term the 9th most popular.
  • Only 12% of Instagram traffic comes from the US.
  • About 17.6% of all of the people in the world use Instagram.
  • India has seen the fastest Instagram user growth with a rate of 16%.
  • About 65% of Instagram users in India are male.
  • About one in seven US adults (14%) hasn’t heard of Instagram.
  • Instagram reaches the highest percentage of the population in Brunei with 92% of the country using the app.
  • At least 75% of people in Guam, the Cayman Islands, Kazakhstan, and Iceland use Instagram.
  • Roughly 42% of Instagram users say they don’t trust the platform to show them the news.
  • Only one-tenth of users use Instagram to follow the news.
  • The average Instagram user spends about 30 minutes per day on the app.
  • Half a billion Instagram users post in their stories every day.
  • The average completion rate for a brand story on Instagram is 86%.
  • At 90%, sports stories have the highest completion rate.
  • The vast majority (90%) of Instagram users watch at least one video on the app each week.
  • About half of Instagram users will seek out a product after they see it in an Instagram Story.
  • Even more users (58%) say they’re more interested in a brand after watching their stories.
  • Excluding China (where Instagram isn’t available), 28.7% of all people 13 and up worldwide use Instagram.
  • More than 153.6 million people in the US use Instagram.
  • Another 119.6 million users are from Brazil.
  • Adding India’s 263.8 million users, the top three countries account for 537 million users, almost half of all users in the world.
  • Indonesia’s 97.6 million Instagram users means the top four countries account for over half of all users.
  • Only five countries (Turkey being fifth place with 53.6 million) have at least 50 million Instagram users.
  • Japan comes in sixth place with 47.1 million Instagram users.
  • An additional 39.1 million Instagram users live in Mexico.
  • The UK comes in eighth place with 31.6 million active accounts.
  • Roughly 29.9 million Germans use Instagram actively.
  • Italy rounds out the top 10 countries with over 27.4 million active Instagram users.
  • Southern Asia is the region with the highest number of Instagram users at 288.1 million.
  • Meanwhile, 170.8 million users live in the northern American region.
  • Middle Africa has the fewest total number of Instagram users with only 2 million.

Instagram Posts and Engagement

Whether videos or photos, posts are the bread and butter of Instagram for individuals and brands using the platform.

Consider some statistics from how often people use the app and share a post to certain factors that may increase your average engagement rate.

  • Users upload over 100 million photos combined per day.
  • Despite the shift to video, photos are still the most popular content type on Instagram at 71.9% of all posts.
  • About a fifth (21%) of all Instagram users log in once per week.
  • Another 16% of all Instagram users log in less often than weekly.
  • One hundred million Instagram users go live or watch live videos every day.
  • Videos tend to get better engagement than photos (by 21.2%).
  • Four in five stories with music or voiceover (80%) perform better than stories without any sound.
  • Location tags can increase a post’s engagement by 79%.
  • The average Instagram post has 1,261 likes.
  • Combined, Instagram users like 4.2 billion posts per day.
  • Three-fourths of Instagram users have interacted with at least one ad.
  • About 66% of users find short-form video to be the most engaging content type on Instagram.
  • Images come in second place, with 61% finding them engaging.
  • Only 11% of Instagram users find URLs or links to other pages to be engaging.
  • About a fourth of all brand interactions on Instagram happen with fashion accounts.
  • More than 200 million users check a brand account at least once per day.
  • Videos with 23 emojis get an average engagement rate of 4.95%.
  • While it doesn’t necessarily affect engagement, about 45.7% of all posts contain a question.
  • Brands are more likely to get comments on their videos than photo posts.
  • Posts with hashtags that are 21 to 24 characters will get more engagement than shorter hashtags.
  • The most used sticker in Stories is the heart love sticker.

Instagram Downloads

While the Instagram website gets a lot of traffic, it’s still more enjoyable to use the app, so consider some numbers regarding app downloads.

Users can download Instagram on Android or iOS, and it’s gotten a lot of downloads since the company started.

  • Instagram has received over 3.8 billion app downloads in its 12 years.
  • Over a billion Android users have downloaded the Instagram app.
  • On the App Store, Instagram is the number 1 app in the photo and video category.
  • Instagram has the second-highest number of downloads of any free app on the App Store.

Instagram Revenue

Of course, Instagram is part of Facebook, so some of the following numbers are estimates, but it’s clear that Zuckerberg made a good decision to buy the photo app.

Consider where Instagram’s revenue comes from and how it compares to Facebook’s revenue now and in the future.

  • Instagram earns a fourth of its ad revenue from Instagram Stories (26.4%, to be specific).
  • In the US, the average cost-per-click (CPC) on Instagram is $1.23.
  • Instagram took in about $47.6 billion in revenue in 2021.
  • That amount was just under 50% of the total revenue Facebook made that year.
  • Instagram saw the biggest increase in revenue from 2020 to 2021, with an increase of $20.8 billion.
  • Experts predict Instagram revenue will overtake Facebook revenue by 2024.
  • Instagram’s portion of Facebook’s total revenue increased by 10 times between 2015 and 2020.

Instagram Competitors

Instagram has plenty of competitors, from Facebook to TikTok to Snapchat, so it’s important to look at how the app compares to those other platforms.

Despite the growth of TikTok, Instagram still reigns supreme for many adults and even a lot of teenagers.

  • One study found Gen Z prefers Instagram over other social media, even TikTok.
  • Instagram has about 300 million more users than TikTok.
  • Most marketers (89.6%) prefer to use Instagram rather than TikTok for marketing.
  • People use TikTok for 24 minutes more per day compared to Instagram.
  • About three-quarters of millennials (76%) prefer Instagram to TikTok.
  • Just over three-fifths (61%) of Gen Z users who are on TikTok are starting to use Instagram more instead.
  • Most Gen Z users (87%) say that Reels are the same as TikTok videos.
  • Instagram users get about four times as much engagement compared to Facebook.
  • At 58 minutes per day, people still spend more time on Facebook than on Instagram.
  • Instagram Stories surpassed Snapchat Stories in daily users within 8 months of adding the feature.
  • The only non-Meta brand with more users than Instagram is YouTube, with 2.29 billion users.

Other Instagram Statistics

Some Instagram statistics don’t fit into any specific category but are worth knowing, so you’ll find those numbers here.

Consider statistics regarding hashtags, employment, and the best and worst times to post on the app.

  • With over 2.1 BILLION posts, #love is the most popular Instagram tag.
  • Facebook (now Meta) bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion.
  • Videos have the lowest average engagement rate at only 0.39%.
  • Carousel posts have the highest average engagement rate, but it’s still only 0.73%.
  • Users include about 10.7 hashtags in their posts on average.
  • If a post has at least one hashtag, it will get 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags.
  • National Geographic is the brand with the most followers, at over 199 million.
  • The best time to post on Instagram is on Tuesday from 11 AM to 2 PM.
  • The worst time to post is any time on Sunday.
  • Instagram co-founder shared a picture of his dog by a taco stand as the first ever Instagram post.
  • Users in seven countries currently can’t see the number of likes on an Instagram post.
  • About 70% of all Instagram hashtags are brand hashtags.
  • The 95 million bot accounts are estimated to have cost advertisers a combined $1.3 billion in 2019.
  • About 450 people work for Instagram.


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