Best DO Schools

You’ve watched enough medical TV series to know you want to go to medical school. But before you enroll in an MD program, consider going to a DO school instead. Both degrees can get you a career as a doctor, but the differences are essential to know. And if being a DO sounds appealing, you’ll … Read moreBest DO Schools

Best Colleges to Transfer To

Imagine you’re about to finish your associate’s degree at a community college. Or maybe you’re just unhappy at your current college. You may wonder what the best colleges to transfer to are. According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center in the 2020-21 school year, around 2.1 million students moved from one college to another. … Read moreBest Colleges to Transfer To

List of Hobbies

If you find yourself getting bored, you may want to look for some new hobbies. Then, you won’t sit around all day twiddling your thumbs. Consider the following categories and examples to help you get started. Collecting Collecting is one of the best types of hobbies you can start. It makes it easy to add … Read moreList of Hobbies

Examples of Passions (Things To Be Passionate About)

Feeling like your everyday life is missing some excitement, but not sure what it is? There’s a thrillingly electrifying word for it – Passion. Strangely, many of us wander through life’s labyrinth with our passions hidden, crouching in the shadowy recesses of our souls, waiting to burst into existence. Some of us are lucky, born … Read moreExamples of Passions (Things To Be Passionate About)

Most Common Personality Types

If you ever wonder why you feel like no one understands you, your personality type may play a role. Not all of the 16 personality types occur at the same rate. Let’s find out more about rare and popular personality types. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a popular personality assessment tool that categorizes individuals … Read moreMost Common Personality Types

OpenAI Statistics

Report Highlights: OpenAI was used by 21.1 million users monthly in 2022. ChatGPT was released in November 2022, and in two months it already reached 100 million users. Microsoft invested $10 billion in OpenAi in 2023. Companies with over 10,000 employees make up the largest group of OpenAI users. The platform was valued at $20 … Read moreOpenAI Statistics

Twitch Statistics

Report Highlights On average, 2,478,474 Twitch users are watching a stream at one time. Over 89,000 Twitch channels are streaming at a given time. About 7.8 million creators stream on Twitch in a month. The number of concurrent visitors peaked at 6,642,217 on June 25, 2022. Over half (56.1%) of all Twitch channels are in … Read moreTwitch Statistics

Skype Statistics

Report Highlights: Professionals use Skype and other video platforms for 3 hours and 12 minutes per week on average. Combined, people participate in 3 billion minutes of video calls on Skype daily. There were 4 billion registered Skype users in 2019. Skype has over 300 million monthly active users. More than 40 million people use … Read moreSkype Statistics

Teacher Burnout Statistics

Report Highlights In the US, K-12 teachers are the #1 most burnt-out profession. 23% of teachers reported they were likely to leave their job in 2023. Between February 2020 – May 2022, it was estimated that over 300.000 public school teachers and other staff quit due to burnout. 40,000 teachers quit their jobs in 2016, … Read moreTeacher Burnout Statistics